Personal story

I lift weights regularly for the past 4 years.I am 24 years old and although i trained
periodically at the age of 15-16 these 4 years of disciplined training and nutrition have chainged my life,my attitude and the way i feel and look.I am 1m96cm 96 kgs 9% fat.Six years ago i had reached 103 kgs with 27%body fat.I looked like shit.I kept eating like a pig and then wondered
why do i constantly feel like shit?Because the way you look is one of the most important things for our self esteem.The morons back at school
(that were the bad guys) now look at me and my fully vascular hands with respect and don’t dare speaking to me without respect.Yeah the feeling of self confidence you have after a hard workout cannot be compared to anything in this world.And you cannot compare with anything else the feeling you get when chicks stick their eyes on you everywhere.All my friends come asking me how i managed this and that and what i ate and crap like that.The answer they get just one:I WENT NUTS ABOUT IT and the more bigger and better i get the more crazy i become.Everybody that criticised me once or twice now doesn’t say a word as he sees
the effects of discipline on me-they just feel jealous as they see their chicks looking at me they way they would at a candybar.Sorry guys for expressing my feelings this way.I had to tell how i feel.You might think many things but it feels so f***ing nice to feel this way.I would appreciate if you shared your bodybuilding experience on this board…

Way to go T-Man! That’s what it’s all about. Keep up the smart & hard training! I’ll be doing the same with you. Take care.

Kick ass & take names!