Personal/Private Training Studios

I am considering branching out and opening a Personal/Private Training Studio, what experiences/advice can everyone offer? Thank you in advance.

Do not go skimpy on the equipment. Find a look you want and go with it. The costs are affordable if you do your research and you plan on sticking with it. It can be expensive if you do not know what you want and then get a variety of non-use equipment.

i.e. dont worry about a preacher bench if you do not have a quality rack.

Just finishing up my place,

I did just that. Took all my clients from Gold’s Gym too!

My place is industrial looking. I’m renting warehouse/old factory space from one of my clients’ boyfriend. It’s got exposed heatpipes, maple floors etc.

Look around for a decent power rack, a good bench, 3-4 good 7’ bars, curling bars straight and ez curl)
Try I made a 3" (thick) bar, a 2" bar, I have kegs, sandbags flipping tires, etc.

Do NOT buy 4x6 rubber mats from a gym supply store. They go for less than 1/2 price at a grain/horse supply store. They are called stable mats and it’s what the gyms use. Just get 2 for each “station”. No need to cover the entire floor ($$$).

Reply back with any questions.

Been considering doing something similar. Can someone give me an estimate on overall total essential equipment? This is more for myself and for my training clients, but hope to expand upto a full gym oneday.