Personal Nutrition Plan Review

Hey all,

I am new to the forums here, and am looking to learn some more knowledge and hopefully share what I know. If you could please review my calculations/macros, before I start planning my meals out that would greatly appreciated.

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Meal plan â?? Sept 2012

5â?? 10â??
170 lbs
21 years old

Macro for lean bulk - 45 C / 35 P / 20 F
5 meals per day (excluding P/W shake)
BMR of 1871.3. calories
Daily intake after the Harris Benedict Equation: 2245 calories (2300 cal) [1871.3 * 1.2 sedentary]
Non training days: 2300 cal. + 500 cal (lean gain) = 2800 calories daily

2800 calories per day = 315g carbs / 244g protein / 62g fats
560 calories per meal = 63g carbs / 48.8g protein / 12.4g fats

Training days: Additional 600 -800 calories per hour depending on intensity (800 to counterbalance morning PT - 2800 cal. + 800 cal. = 3600 calories per day)

3600 calories per day = 405g carbs / 315g protein / 80g fats
720 calories per meal = 81g carbs / 63g protein / 16g fats

Lean bulk? drop the carbs and up the fat

nutrition also isn’t just about #s, we eat food, not #s… what do you plan on making your food choices from?

Thanks for getting back. I should have been more clear. I mean to continue to gain lean muscle mass and minimize fat gain. I prepare all of my food. Chicken, Fish, Rice, Potatoes and sweet taters, vegetables and leafy greens. I will most likely include PB, olive oil, nuts and coconut oil or something of the sort.