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Personal Message

I just had the option of sending a personal message to a guy on the forum.

Is this a new feature? As I can’t find it now.

I’ve been wanting this option for a while now.

I think I recall @Chris_Colucci mentioning that it was a thing a while back but got removed

Yeah I’ve seen people talk about it a few times. I just wondered if it was coming back.

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We ran into a long list of problems the before, so I wouldn’t recommend any sort of breath holding.


I thought you could make your contact details on your profile public?

People can then contact you that way (and visa versa) and if it’s not public just assume they don’t want folks slipping into their DMs…

@Chris_Colucci ?

Let’s compromise with impersonal messaging. Can I tell other posters to tell other posters something for me?


I thought this said “personal massage” and jumped right in. Props for the clickbait title!


@TrainForPain It’s my side hustle. Working up thread hit for T nation. More hit, more advertising.

Perhaps I’ve misread something. But whilst replying to someone on a thread a little box appeared in the preview asking if I’d like to send a personal message. I just wondered if Tnation were bringing back an old function.

@Mod_Phoenix - I can’t even imagine the issues around messaging.

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As far as I know, that’s not a feature we’ll be bringing back to the forum. Like Phoenix said, many bad apples spoiled the bunch a long time ago, which resulted in a salting of the earth behind them. It’s not likely to come back.

Members can post contact info (e-mail addresses, social media handles, etc.) in the About Me section of their profile (not in forum posts) and it can be viewable by other members.

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I’d suggest intrapersonal messaging for a few people, so they can just go talk to themselves.