Personal Future Fitness Goals

Hey T-Nation,

This post has been a long time coming due to the confusion and over-analizing I tend to get.
I have been working out for about 10 months, I have got what you could call “newbie gains”, however, the reason im posting this is to reach the next level in my personal fitness.

Ill start off by posting my body composition as of a week ago before i continue.
I workout a minimum of 3x/week - obviously more if my schedule permits it.
BODY TYPE: Standard
AGE: 17
HEIGHT: 5ft 9in
WEIGHT: 157 lb
BMI: 23.2
FAT%: 10.8%
BMR: 8020 kj
FAT MASS: 17 lb
FFM: 140 lbs
TBW: 102.4 lb

Before you say that this isnt that great for my age, when i first started 10 months ago, i weighed 240+ lbs. Also, due to this substantial loss in weight, i have some loose skin around my mid section… “good bye being able to see abs or taking off my shirt in the summer”

I definitely have the drive, i just need some direction. This summer is going to be my time to improve myself, and accomplish some fitness goals.

Ive looked at a few diets, and the one that im leaning toward is The Carb Cycling Codex by Christian Thibaudeau.

I bought the book, “Muscle Logic” by Charles Staley
->Im on a 5x5 working with one of his pre-set routines (Mix of exercises he put together)
Its an A/B Split.

The one this i dislike about it is that i have to wait for 2 minutes between each set, and i feel like im waisting time.

Im quite a light weight in the gym, losing weight really puts into perspective you actual strength. Being a big guy made me feel strong, now im a average/small sized young adult with little to no arm/leg definition and loose skin and stretch marks on my mid-section. I don’t mean to b!tch but fack… ya know?

5x5 - load 75-80% of 1RM
Chins - Bodyweight
Tricept push down - 40lbs
Drag Curl- 60-70lbs
Leg Press - 240 (could probably try harder at these)
Bench - 145 ish
This isnt every exercise i do, its just an over-all taste of my current strength.

Im not motivated to do this routine, most of the time i dont even finish the whole thing and end up on the tread mill or driving home…

Honestly, i prefer cardio/endurence training/multi-joint exercises/and not standing still for very long. I prefer to get right to work in the gym, and i find myself "day-dreaming"when im waiting at any time. (EX: i love doing Chins/dips and core work etc)

Im Going to be starting Muai Thai and Boxing Classes at a MMA Gym - Im looking forward to that, how would i integrate that into a workout routine?

Muai That/Boxing 3x/week & workout 2x/week? (it will be the summer so my schedule will permit it)

I plan on becoming a Police officer and will be shipping out to Depot in 2yrs, my goal is to be in the best shape possible for that.

Im more focussed on Over-all Health/Fitness/& Strength -->Size/Mass isnt a huge concern to me personally ( Even though all you massive guys look like slabs of titanium). It may sound like i want to give up lifting and just do cardio etc… but that is not the case in the slightest.

i would really appreciate it if i could get some feedback on the diet ive chosen and a link or suggestion on a future workout routine.

Thanks you for any insight,

If you are a fan of more complex movements and not motivated with your current routine, then you should try something different. Start squating instead of leg pressing, start doing close grip bench for tris, and start deadlifting. Hit the complex movements with some heavy weight and make sure you have a clean diet consuming enough calories and see where you end up after a couple months.

definately alternate between trying to get big and endurance power ~

You would not necessarily train the way the big guys train to develop certain skills and muscle functionality for your career.

Suggestion alternate between heavy low rep type work vs lighter high rep. Try holding a 10lb weight straight in front of you for 5 minutes. You need to be able to keep your gun up and steady. Also being able to run if a foot chase ensues and having the cardiovascular stamina will be necessary in those occasions. Oh and one more thing explosive speed is good if you want to avoid long chases, but that’s just a side comment.

So an example is being able to do 15-25 reps per set of lighter weight lateral work, and at least 5 sets. Steady gun is good, especially when you go through the ranges and get tested for on the move shooting ability over a timed course from various positions and during movement/motion testing.

Uhm but you have 2 years.

So I wouldn’t worry, aim for a healthy 180-200lbs of muscle in your first year. 2nd year you could focus more on endurance and maintenance of the muscle.

Side note : I wait 10-15 seconds between sets. Course by the time I’m done I feel like my brain has dribbled out of my ears.

You don’t want to be a 150lb police officer.