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Personal Finance Thread


My SiL tried to hock some bullshit oils to my wife around Xmas (she works at a salon). Starts all this shit about how it’s certified blah blah everything else doesnt really work blah blah.

2 Google’s later I see their cert was trademarked by the company that came up with it, and they have a few class action lawsuits pending against them.

Happy to report I called her out in a room full of people, all of whom cancelled their orders but 1


Are you suggesting my wife swan dove off the hipster fu-fu Falls?! lmao


Lol, my wife will be there shortly.


And just saw this on FB


I’ve never understood that. Girls in high school would use it, claiming it helped them not be stressed or something like that. Then they were always stressed…

I do enjoy some of the smells, but am skeptical on if any of that stuff actually works at all.


It’s a complete load of shit.


Totally agree that it smells great. We considered getting one because of how much we liked how some of them smelled, but then decided that the oils were way more expensive than just getting some air fresheners.

More on topic, anyone here have any thoughts on The Permanent Portfolio? My father swears by it, not sure if I want to cast my lot with it or not.


So my personal finance summary for this week:

Bought private healthcare for the family for 1 month because medical coverage at the new job doesn’t start until March 1st (which they failed to mention verbally or in writing during the hiring process). $805

I’m driving the nice kid hauler on my longer commute till I buy a 4 banger. So that means we need new tires on the old truck: $568

The heat pump blew in our all-electric home. It’s over 20 years old, no shame in that. Guy that’s been keeping it running for me for the past 4 years jerry-rigged it to run on just the coils till he can replace it. Sending me quotes for $5k-$7k this weekend.

I’d like to extend a hearty FU to January 2019.


Fucking home sales. There’s not enough lavender in the world to soothe me over these scams, which are always perpetrated by bright-eyed, earnest Communist sharks.


A quick oil update: sitting in airport after traveling for 26 hours, 4 to go, and I’m not feeling well. Wife busts out the oils and puts it on my temples, wrists and forehead. Ffs, I feel like shit and now I smell like shit too.


Usborne books by chance?


You’re not my family, are you?

Honest to God, I’m thinking about deleting my post!


Lol! No, I just had a former teacher reach out to me about them this week!


There is research suggesting lavender and tea tree oil does work… to lower your testosterone.


Show this to them.


Suggestion for you young man. I love helping anyone who wants to run a business or make money via web tech… I run a search engine marketing business. It’s been a decade and still kicking. Take this knowledge and run with it.

As you gain experience and learn your product. I mean really really learn it. Don’t be that business owner who doesn’t understand how it’s built…

I suggest you should eventually Focus on residual revenue , along with the single payment web projects. If you stick to web development here’s what I would do …

  1. I would find a great outsource website designer and developer who is cheap. India Malaysia. There so easy to find. So easy… but it takes time to find one that does the work right… that’s why you need to understand this thoroughly. So that you can audit their work before handing it to a client.

  2. I would send these fuys work and make money off the top. Or work with them and learn from them as you grow.

  3. You will pay 250/500 usd for basic html sites built via a template. Charge 1k a pop. 50% up front . Charge more for websites that will have more than ten pages… I would charge 50-100$ for every extra page.

  4. Make them do all the work and play sales person. Project manager. Be up front and say they are your team. Let me talk to my team abojt your project and get you an estimate.

  5. Setup a hosting account where you host your clients sites. Charge 50$ to host as package a.

  6. Charge a maintenance fee on top of hosting. Figure out what your guys charge for an hour worth of work. If my guy is 10$ I’ll charge 50$ in the states… it’s all economic and based on what the going rate is locally. I would say “this coveres any emergencies, up keep to the site”: call anytime and we will fix. any issues … fine print should include “content changes, modifications or additions to the site are separate and charged hourly.”.

If you develop this foundation, then you can grow on top…

Don’t forget that you need to have an offering besides “you need a website”… don’t be the cheapest either… unless you want cheap clients… maybe you can offer photography or a bit of copy writing to move this along… think about it.

What’s the biggest mistake I find new business owners make? The under value their services and never get ahead. They also try to do everything themselves and get behind on deadlines… ask yourself: What am I worth… if I needed to hire an employee , how much would I pay them? How much do I need to charge hourly to make this work…

For me that was 100$ an hour when I started out. Then 150$, now 200$…

Get that money man.


thank you so much for the advice man.

in theory this all sounds very good but i’m wondering one thing: being a teen (almost 19) and having no experience or reputation in the field, how would i go about marketing myself? i think your plan can definitely work, but i’m having a hard time figuring out how i could find my clients.

also being this young, i’m afraid i wouldn’t have much credibility in the eyes of my potential clients.


No one really needs to know your age if you market yourself on the internet…

Dont even mention it, if your work is superior to joe blo down the road who is 20 years your senior, me the consumer will go with the superior product, not who is older


Find a shop that you really like that has great products and a great reputation. Maybe a local mechanic, baker or butcher or whatever… somebody you’d like to work with. Ask him if you can do work for him for free to build your portfolio, and then only if he likes it and you get him customers will you charge him the monthly maintenance fee.

If you make him money then you have a testimonial, and a long term customer. Do that 4 or 5 times then you can approach new clients and talk about the experience you have making clients money… and you’ll be telling the truth.

This is the perfect time to do this because you don’t have rent or babies yet. Don’t think of it as “working for free” or “sweat equity”. Think of it as “giving more value than you take”. If you listen to truly wealthy billionaires (Branson/Jobs/Gates/Bezos etc…) they focus on providing huge value to the marketplace first and foremost… then the money can’t help but follow.


This is a wonderful idea. I actually have already built a website for a local music school. I was reached out to by a classmate of mine who attended that school and was told by his teacher he was looking to hire someone to build a website for him, and asked me because he knew I am into this kind of stuff.

Only issue is, I live in a relatively small city (100k inhabitants if counting all the nearby areas) and people aren’t into technology as much as they are in others cities or countries. We are still lagging behind here, in that sense. I can try and reach out to somebody, but I’m unsure how much a website would be able to help a small local business. Actually now that I think about it I have a guy at my gym that I always talk with who owns a construction business. I might talk to him about this and see if he’s interested.