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Personal expieriences ...empty stomach or with a meal?

From you personal expieriences was it better to take Mag-10 caps with a meal or on an empty stomach? Notice any diferrences if you have done both?

From what I remembe, some ppl had problems with taking the Mag 10 on an empty stomach. I myself had no problem with it, and that was the liquid version. Just depends on the individual I guess.


If you are taking Mag10 you should never have an empty stomach.

Unless you eat in your sleep you have an empty stomach in the morning when you wake up.


But you should eat a bunch of protein and carbs as soon as you wake up in order to off set catabolism that has set in over night, hence your stomach wouldn’t be empty in the morning.

Your real concern should be absorbtion, breakdown, and availability when taken with food vs. empty stomach, and to the best of my knowledge there hasn’t been any defenitive conclusion for advatages with food vs. without.

Agreed, wake up, take your Mag, and eat, eat, eat. In fact, hell, might as well make good while the juice is flowing and set your alarm clock in the middle of the night for a quick shake that won’t disrupt your sleep (such as if you wake up to take a leak). Maybe the key should be avoiding an empty stomach while on Mag-10, hehehe.

I got a little nautious when using the liquid on an empty stomach, but the Mag-10 capsules are fine. I take mine about ten to fifteen minutes before breakfast.

I always take it first thing upon waking up. Not for the empty stomach, though, more so I won’t forget. Casue I eat right after. Sometimes, due to circumstances beyond my control I’ve had to wait an hour or more to eat and felt no adverse affects.

GROW! + Mag-10 + Surge + EFA’s + Massive Eating = Results

Ive never taken Mag10 “with” food so I cant contrast, but when I taken the first dose upon waking I have the “burps of death” as compared to when I take a second dose about 5:30pm (after eating throughout the day) and only get the “burps of life support”.