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Personal Experiences with Proviron

Hello everyone, I just wanted to ask what peoples personal experiences are with Proviron. ONLY PERSONAL EXPERIENCES PLEASE

It could of been stacked with just test or in a larger cycle with multiple compounds.

Please give me your experiences and feedback on its use and what it did for you.

Regardless of your knowledge base with hormones, please rate Proviron 1-10 and give the reason you gave it that rating. Thanks guys!

Its hard to rate the effects of such a mild steroid when they are quite overshadowed by most anything else. I had some once alongside other stronger things, and all I noticed was an increase in libido, as it is noted to improve free test levels. I’ve also read it has mild anti estrogenic activity which may be desirable in some circumstances but during big cycles you should use AI anyway.

I give it a 3 for the wood.

2-3…and only because of the mild libido support. It doesn’t seem to do anything of note, or anything noticeable beyond a modest bump to libido. I’d choose masteron over it anyday…better libido, shbg effect, whatever mild anti e properties it carries, and actual muscle building benefit all blow proviron away. Proviron is relatively useless imo.