Personal Experience with DAC?

Has anyone on this forum ever PERSONALLY used cjc1295 w/DAC? I know everone says it’s bad, because they’ve all read stuff on another site about it causing “GH BLEED.” I understand how this could be bad in the long run, but I want to use it short term only for enhanced recovery of nagging injuries. I don’t intend to use this at more than 1mg per week for 4 weeks.

I use an arginine pyroglutamate/huperzine-a combo before bed at night. A lot of people who’ve used the product with DAC said it was useful, and experienced no ill effects, and better recovery due to the elevated baseline GH levels. Only people who’ve never used it speak badly about it because of some hypothetical stuff they read about somatotroph behavior caused by overstimulation.

I use this forum first and foremost, and would like more first-hand accounts of cjc1295 dac use from T-Nation members if possible. Thank you.

I know I’m going to get blasted by people saying to “use the search function” to look up the multitude of other posts about DAC, but I’ve found no other posts of actual users of this compound. It’s only people like me asking about it, then people saying don’t use it citing reports of gh bleed, and all the deliterious ramifications ensuing shortly afterward.

I assume that you’re planning to use some form of GHRP? Otherwise there’s not much point in using a GHRH at all.

The short answer is that the AUC of the GH release is much, much smaller than mod grf 1-29, and if you’re pinning a GHRP at least ED, you might as well use the more effective GHRH (i.e. mod grf 1-29).

I don’t think it’s a big deal to use the DAC version for weeks at a time, but most people who use peptides are using them for months to years at a time, which is when GH bleed could potentially be bad news (pituitary hyperplasia, ‘GH gut’, etc).

Honestly, for injury recovery purposes, I don’t think four weeks of any GHRP+GHRH combo is going to do it.

EDIT: I just sent you a PM.

I’ve been toying with the idea of the GHRP 6/mod grf combo for a while but I just can’t be arsed with that much pinning for so long

It’s not that bad. I started out with a needle-phobia and certainly never thought I’d be able to pin test prop ED. Plus subq injections are a breeze compared to IM, even if you use slin pins for both.

fuck prop, I’ll run test E and test E only forever.

I’ve never done a subQ injection so I guess it’d probably be ok. IF you were running ghrp6 and mod grf you’d be pinning both compounds twice a day though yeah?

And yeah, it makes me laugh when I think about how scared to inject myself I used to be. I got so dizzy the first time I thought I was going to faint!

Thanks Hockeysledder. I just want to try this stuff I ordered. 4 weeks, a mg per week. If nothing happens, then so be it. if I feel I’ve recovered a bit better- that’s good too.
p.s. I didn’t see any pm, but it has been about a week since I’ve been on this site.

Good luck, let us know what happens. I PMd you again, looks like I either forgot the first time or it didn’t go through.