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Personal experience with Cissus

I just wanted to relay this info. I had never even heard of Cissus before about 10 days ago. I recently broke the sympysis off my Ulna, which is the outside forearm bone. I was running and fell and caught myself on my left hand, the force of the hand going back snapped the syphysis off. It is a ligament attachment pint but the ligaments didn’t detach fully. I went to the docs and got a cast put on, he said cast for 2-4 weeks then a splint for another 2-4 weeks depending on your recovery time. So i’m like, great at the very best i’m going to have an imobilized wrist for 4 friggin weeks. As I type this thread, I am using both hands fluidly, my injury was 2 sundays ago Oct 25th. I don’t have a cast or a splint on and my doc gave me a wrist brace and said, use it if you feel you need it but somehow you look to be 90% healed up.

Now just by chance, I was PMing an old frined on this site and telling him what a jackass I was for breaking my wrist, he said yo check this stuff out, it helps heal bone, ligament, tendon type issues. So I researched it for hours that night and found a brand people were giving good reviews on. Many of the reviews were like, 7 year old bad knee problems cured in a month, horrible rotator cuff injury healed in 2 weeks. etc… Anyways, I go to the local Vitamin Shoppe because I didn’t want to wait for it to be shipped and they had one of the 2 brands I was looking for in stock. I started taking it like 3 days after I got my cast on and the cast came off at the 2 week point, so I only had about 11 days on the stuff. They take the cast off and the doc starts gingerly pressing the area asking for any pain, I smile and say, nope nothin. Then he starts flexing and dorsiflexing my wrist, and making circles with it, again, no pain, just a slight “tight” sensation. He shrugs and says, well looks like your good. Hands me the wrist brace in case I want to use it and says have a good day.

Ok so basically I’m giving this stuff a major thumbs up, and if it worked for an injury like this in such a quick manner, I would say give it a shot if anyone has some joint or bone problems they are dealing with. Also there is other touted benefits such as an anabolic response and other goodies that were uncovered in two university studies. Overall it looks like a good staple supplement, or at least one to cycle in a couple times a year to repair any minor connective tissue problems. It is also supposed to be good for osteoperosis for the veteran lifters among us. PM me if you want the brands I researched.


Very interesting. I’d be much obliged if you’d PM that info bro. I’ve got problems with a knee and rotator cuff. Thanks.