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personal coach

i am looking for a personal coach. someone to advise me on training, supplements & diet.

please hold back on the flames as i am very serious. i have been a runner for many years and got into bb 3 years ago (am now 40). am down to 13% bf @177lbs and want to try and take to put on 7-10lbs of muscle by March & then start dieting down for the summer.

the reason i am looking for someone is i have read the faq forwards & backwards & this has gotten me a lot more pumped about the possibilities.

i appreciate any suggestions.

Become your own coach and learn what to do. www.geocities.com/d_d_kuhl/dklifting.html has a’lot of the good articles from t-mag to help you out too, even after reading the faq.

This site has all the info you need. Just start with Chris Shugart’s stuff - Dawg School articles, Hierarchy of Needs, Beginner’s Blast off Program, Missing Ingredient. Those’ll get you started. No need to pay someone with 230 something issues of T-mag online and dozens of training programs and diets.

rhx for the tip on the reading. i live in upstate NY & the morons up here only know how to push celltech.

my reading here has taught me better.

The information on this site, intelligently applied, will take you further than 99.99999% of the personal trainers out there. I agree with the others above: with so much T-Mag info here for free, it just doesn’t make much sense to spend money having someone else tell you what to do.

thx for the feedback. i am not looking for a personal trainer (most suck), but a coach.

i am an extremely successfull businessman, have a wonderful family, and now want to crush my physique.

i have gone from 220lbs to 177lbs @13%bf. i am trying to put on some muscle this winter before cutting again. have upped my caloric intake according to “massive eating” and am doing hst with mostly compound exercises.

was looking for a coach to assist with timing of diet and supplementation.


Scratch, what I think everyone is telling you is that there are any number of well designed programs on this site that will help you to drop BF or put on muscle. There are diets galore (all of which work and are well thought out from a biochemistry/physiological standpoint) and TONS of exercise programs that will complement putting on mass or cutting. Which program you choose comes down to personal preference. When I need clarification, I post a question in the forum or ask someone at the gym (though there are only a very few I trust know what they’re doing, and it’s usually not the staff or the 18-year-old PTs).

If you’re a successful businessman, I’m sure you have good communication skills and great analytical skills, enough to pick a program you like. My quick recommendations are to do a search on the lazy (or busy) man’s guide to keeping a food log. Second, there’s an article that debates (and puts to rest) whether you should bulk first or drop BF, www.testosterone.net/articles/167app2.html.

Like we tell everyone else, read, read, read, pick something, anything, give it a whirl, and post your questions on the forum. With all the money you save, you’ll be able to buy some world class (BioTest) supplements that will support your efforts.

Good luck to you, sir.

Scratch- sounds like you need a good training partner and maybe a gym with a high t level. Maybe you could find somebody you get a long with who is intense and train with them. That pushes me more then a coach would. Well that and a t vixen is a thong with some nice firm …you get the picture.

thx for the feedback. t-mag FAQ has been great for the workouts. FANTASTIC! I have learned a ton about diet and i have learned that this is the most important factor. i have implemented a lot from the FAQ articles and have seen the diff.

I have confirmed what i learned here on other websites on diet & training which gives me confidence to commit.however, supplementation is a whole different story. there is a lot of conflicting info. on which products do what.
so, what the @#$% do you do?

No need to flame the guy. I think everyone can use a coach from time to time if nothing else but for reassurance and problem solving. The problem is for a semi-newbie there’s so much information out there and on this site it becomes very difficult to know what to use in any given situation.