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Has anyone ever tried one of these? I’m 20 years old and have never met my father. However, I know his name, where he was born, where he went to college, and I have a decent idea of where he’s living now.

The only obstacle that I can see facing is that he was from Hawaii, and many times people there will have names that reflect their culture. When he went to college in Missouri on a football scholarship, he used an “Americanized” name and my mother isn’t able to remember his real name since he never used it.

Should I go through a website that more or less uses public records to find people, or should I just try hiring someone? If anyone has ever used one of these services, your advice would be a huge help.

It’s always wise to use the least expensive/easiest way first, as it might yield the results you need. If not, then you can proceed to hiring an investigator, and know you didnt waste much money on public record access.

sorry, too hear about not ever meeting your father. You might want to check public record or do a search on the internet. I wouldn’t hire want to hire an investigtor in this situtition. If I were you I would try to find him on my own if I can.

I hope you find him. And hope he wants to be found. Good luck. Sorry I couldn’t help any further.

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Silas C.