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Persistent Twisted Ankles


I twist my ankles a lot. Does anyone know how I should go about building some durability in them.



Do you wear shoes that are raised at all?


I had the same issue during my college football days,

I felt like skipping rope, jumps and sand training helps, i wouldnt spend time with band’s again.

Also learn how to tape them before games etc…


[quote]Roran wrote:
Do you wear shoes that are raised at all?[/quote]

No, I wear nike frees mostly when training.


Stability boards. Lunge on to bosu ball. Calf raise while keeping light tension on ankle with a band or such. Half foam roll stands. Lateral shuffles and grapevines.

  1. What is a lot?
    2)How do you twist them and what activities do you do?

I would start with taping them, and wearing better shoes. Nothing you do will help if they are trained to twist soon as you do anything unconsciously.