persistent knee pain

Ok, so what should I do here?? About 2 years ago I was doing step-ups onto a flat bench with 135# on a barbell. I must have gone past perpendicular (knee over the toes) at some point because I had some immediate knee pain (no noises ie- popping etc and the pain wasn’t super bad). I stopped the workout and went on with life. But it still gives me trouble. I really only feel it when I squat or when I am done squatting. It doesn’t hurt during the exercise unless I go heavy but often even if I don’t go heavy I feel pain for a day or so afterwards. It had been feeling pretty good as of late so I decided to try and get back to lifting a little more for strength. . . the workout went fine but I am in pain now. I was doing the elliptical trainer this morning and the pain was pretty bad. Anyone have any ideas as to what I did? How do I get past this? Does glucosamine really help? PS-- the hot spot of the pain seems localized to the front of my left knee right under the edge of my kneecap.

By your description you’re experiencing pain in your patella tendon. Go to a orthopedist and have him/her look at it immediately. You could have a slight tear and it could be getting worse. Get it checked out immediately before you do further damage to it and end up not working out for a great deal of time. Getting it checked out should be your first priority not trying to work through it or trying to supp it out. That doesnt work. Get it looked at IMMEDIATELY.


Might also be worth you checking out Ian King’s article called “End needless Knee Pain” (link below)

King says that, amongst other things, knee pain can be prevented by appropriate stretching, particularly of the hip flexors etc.

Good luck.