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Persistent Guy's Training Log Continues

1x10, 2x8: front squat 79 kg
1x2: military press 79 kg
1x3: military press 75 kg
1x5: military press 71 kg
3x10: seated db press 20 kg

Went lighter on the squats, I’ll work my way back up gradually. It’s not so much the squatting that’s hard with more weight, it’s walking the weight backwards and setting it down on the sawhorses that gets me.

4x6: snatch grip deadlift 115 kg
1x4: power clean 83 kg
1x6: power clean 79 kg
1x10: power clean 71 kg
1x20: power clean 53 kg
1x15: alternating hammer curl 16 kg

1x3: Zercher squat 133 kg
1x4: Zercher squat 123 kg
1x6: Zercher squat 113 kg
3x8: military press 61 kg
3x12: dip 12 kg