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Persistent Guy's Training Log Continues


1x4, 7x3: front squat 119 kg
3x8: db floor press 49 kg
2x20: military press 53 kg


So, I messed up my right glute putting down a deadlift again… not as badly as back in July, though. Still, not gonna get much done today and might need to take some time off. I can do unweighted pullups, at least.

1x4: deadlift 209 kg
3x12: pullup


This is gonna need a bit more time to heal. I tried doing some light goblet squats last Friday and made things worse eight reps into the second set, so I took some days completely off, and tried lifting very light again today.

1x10: goblet squat 12 kg
1x10: goblet squat 17 kg
1x10: goblet squat 22 kg
1x10: front squat 49 kg
1x10: front squat 59 kg
3x10: military press 49 kg

Those squats were enough to make my glute feel tight, and since I aggravated it already last Friday I didn’t want to make it worse again. It’s not so bad for the last couple of days, though, bending things far enough to put on pants or socks isn’t a struggle anymore, and it doesn’t really hurt walking or sitting or doing normal daily stuff.


1x5: pause deadlift 49 kg
1x5: pause deadlift 59 kg
1x5: pause deadlift 69 kg
1x5: pause deadlift 79 kg
3x12: pullup

So I can do really light deads without messing things up. A lot of minor aches in other places have gotten a lot better with all this time off, too. Even my left knee, which was normally fine but would hurt if I put much weight on it while kneeling, is suddenly normal. But the bad part is, I’m starting to realize just how nice not working and not being tired feel.


2x5: back squat 49 kg
2x5: back squat 59 kg
1x5: back squat 69 kg
3x8: db floor press 42 kg

Posterior chain gets a good deal of tension on those one-arm floor presses, so I also kept it light there.


1x5: deadlift 49 kg
1x5: deadlift 69 kg
1x5: deadlift 79 kg
1x5: deadlift 89 kg
1x5: deadlift 99 kg
3x12: pullup
1x10: bentover row 49 kg
2x10: bentover row 59 kg

Slowly getting normaler and normaler.


2x3: front squat 89 kg
1x3: front squat 99 kg
1x3: front squat 109 kg
1x3: front squat 119 kg
1x8: military press 49 kg
1x8: military press 59 kg
1x8: military press 69 kg
3x12: dip

Basically able to work my way up to normal working weights with no pain now. Good.