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Persistent Abductor Injury Killing My Training

Adductor issues started about 4 months ago on last set, last rep of a heavy triple on my right side. Kind of a pop as I was coming out of the hole, not a lot of pain right then, hurt some the next day or two, but not bad. It felt like the extreme back inside close to where the adductors attach to the pelvis and felt kind of like a rubber band popping loose. Backed off the weight for a couple of weeks, then went back to training heavier and did it again on the same side. Worked back through another couple of lighter training weeks then back to normal for few more weeks then did it to my left adductor, same thing last rep of last set. So again backed off started working back lighter, and now have had the same injury 4 times with the weight I’m injuring myself at getting lighter and lighter, and just can’t work back up before it “pops” again. For perspective the last time I injured it I was doing 135 for a planned set of 20 and popped it on the 3rd rep of the first set.

The last two weeks I’ve done nothing but high rep un-weighted squats, per the docs direction. He was really no help, best friend in high school, sports rehab doc, but he had no idea.

Just background on me. I’ve lifted weights most of my life (46), focused on powerlifting training for the last 5 years or so and was making good progress with very few issues up until this started.

I’m no expert but based on injuring both sides I’m guessing it’s some kind of a strength imbalance, I’d try just about anything to get back to squatting and deadlifting again, but I’ve got no idea what to do???

Help is greatly appreciated.



More glutes, hamstrings, hips and adductor stuff in your training.

Less quads, and Less below parallel squatting in your routine.

Some single leg work like short step ups, single leg curls, sidebends, 1 leg calf raises, single leg RDLs to make sure both sides/legs are moving symmetrically and correctly.

Whenever I try to squat too deep or use too much of a knee forward, quad dominant style, I have these issues. Bouncing out of the bottom is really hard on my groin/adductors too.

The best way I’ve found to squat consistently is to box squat, trying to sit back with a close to vertical shin, to a slightly above parallel box. Trying for lots of hip/glute drive and Less quad/crotch dominance. I also wear Briefs (Inzer Power Pants) for hip support. Lastly, low reps. Like 2 or 3 reps per set. This way I can focus on technique and tightness and not slip into a crotch busting style.

Heres some adductor moves.

Here’s more dumb hip /leg stuff.