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Persistant Groin Problem

Last year or so I pulled the left groin muscle walking fast (?? you figure that out). Went to see the doc who gave me something to reduce swelling and told me to lay off it for awhile. It never got back to normal. As recent as now, if I don’t stretch the crap out of that sucker it’ll hamper me for days.

Anyone have any tips on this or have a similar problem? I’m thinking maybe there’s a way to strengthen it or something that I just don’t know about.

Get some ART done. If you pulled it then it’s likely you have some scarring that needs worked out.

I tore my left groin over the summer and I’ve never been the same sense. The funny thing is I could still run (less than full speed) weird. Well after just stretching it and doing light work I noticed it wasn’t getting better. I then gave up and said eff it and started lifting heavy again squats, deads, and leg press. I did start slow but I increased the weight slowly.

As I went heavier it felt better. I also got a foam roller and rolled it every other day. It still bothers me but I can load up the weight on the leg press. Its called GETTING old! The main reason I was looking into GH hrt??? I agree with roofus_5 its prob just scaring. If there is anything useful in this post Im glad I could help if not please forget what I posted…