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Perry's 'Fed Up' Summarized


I thought this did a pretty good job.

We Read Rick Perry's "Fed Up!" So You Don't Have To



A very shrewd politician, indeed.





I like this statement:

"The political graveyard in Texas is buried full of people who have underestimated Rick Perry," he said.

"We had a U.S. senator who did that and she didn't even make the run-off". Sooner or later, they're going to figure out that he's not just lucky, he's good."



At this point, I wouldn't underestimate any of the candidates (even Bachmann).

Reagan wasn't expected to get the nomination. I would have bet money on Hillary.


Agree, Christine.

With more than a year before the Election, a LOT can happen.

Fortunes change; people make mistakes and gaffs; oftentimes a candidate begins to "surge ahead" for a myriad of reasons.

What's the saying..."A month is a Lifetime in politics"...(or something like that).



Well said Mufasa. I'm not saying Perry is not a smart politician, but this isn't Texas! And some of his wilder comments could come back to bite him in the general election, should he make it that far.


"Texans, on the other hand, elect folks like me ? you know the type, the kind of guy who goes jogging in the morning packing a Ruger .380 with laser sights, loaded with hollow point bullets, and shoots a coyote that is threatening his daughter?s dog."

No, I don't know the type. Gotta wonder about a man who gets his daughter a dog that would be threatened by a coyote....a laser sight on a Ruger and hollow point bullets?

Must have been a rabid coyote.


I can understand this completely,

when I walk my property I keep my m16 with me, even if I have my dogs. Do you have experience with coyotes? We also have bear and bobcat around frequently.

and a laser on a compact handgun is very handy, especially during quick fire situation, like being stalked by a pack of coyotes.

can tell from your comment here you have no experience with this situation. so maybe you don't need to share and ignorant opinion. Not calling you ignorant in general, just that what he state here is actually a pretty rational statement, and only someone who has no experience would think it isn't.


Yes, I have experience with coyotes which is which why I think Perry is a complete pussy. I grew up in the Mojave Desert. I could take out a rabid coyote with a sweet ninja kick. I don't need no stinking laser sight.


But you would like to have one, admit it.


wow you even have anarchist coyotes there, here we typically see them in packs of 8-12. And if you have children, pets and livestock. That is not a risk you are willing to take.

I have seen my male pit take out multiple coyotes, but only let him out to if it is an emergency, and even then it is because I am getting a varmint rifle. Why should I let him get hurt unnecessarily. All tough guy cockiness aside.

You know, hey I could go for a run at dawn and if I run into an animal or pack, beat them off and in the process possibly get hurt, or I could carry and end it quickly. wow difficult choice there. Heck most females in the city would be smart to pack while they run to deter the 2 legged varmint there. my wife carries a PK380 with laser when out working on the property.


Cool story, bro. Now chase it down and have it tested for rabies.


Uhhh, metaphor?


I have never seen a coyote that looked even remotely threatening to me.

Where I grew up they would come into the city on occasion but never in packs.

They reminded me of a slightly larger fox with a less bushy tail.


Yes, but on something with a little more range on it.


Well, duh! That's all politician are capable of. Useless metaphor.


there is a difference between a high powered red dot scope and a laser sight, laser sight is for night or poorly lit and quick reaction shooting. But back on topic.

Would you rather a leader who can bring the heat or ones that stay in places for decades because they don't use the available tools.


You raise a very interesting question because I have a very strong opinion on leadership.

I prefer leaders who become leaders based on merit rather than popularity (recognizing merit often brings popularity).

I prefer leaders who set a positive example and lead by that example (nearly all politicians fail this).

I prefer leaders who lead not because they want to control people but because they naturally inspire people to follow them to do good things.


let me know when there is one,