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Perry Raise Raises a Pole Tax


High Court Approves "Pole Tax" on Strip Clubs


"The Texas Supreme Court has unanimously ruled that a $5 per patron tax on strips clubs did not violate the First Amendment, adding the latest chapter to a four-year legal battle."

Really, I just found this funny. But interesting as it is another tax increase under Perry. Wonder if it will hit the national news.


You Ron Paul lover, Perry is always right I tell ya!


He's a fucking Democrat ya'll.

But wouldn't it be funny if he uses strip club tax revenue to supplement his school budget boo boo? What a vicious cycle!


That is funny.
Hey, Tex Ag and Houston Guy seem to be lovin' the Perry bash.
I think America's about to take him off y'alls hands.
Who's gonna be the replacement governor? Red or Blue?


I don't know. A lot of blue people moved to our red economy as theirs failed over the last few years. I'm inclined to believe they will continue to make the same dumb voting mistakes they always have. Hopefully they don't outnumber us in our own state yet.


I am beginning to love this Perry, :slight_smile: All we need is socialized medicine


I'm not a big fan of Perry, or for that matter any of the republicans currently running. But I will strongly support the republican nominee. I think what many of you forget is that it's not about who is running against Obama it's about Obama and who can beat him.

Okay Perry pushed a pole tax on strip clubs, and he used to be a democrat and he's done lot's of things I don't agree with. None of that is important to me. As none of it rivals the debacle called national health care that Obama shoved down our throats. And the constant threat of hiking my taxes to further pay for entitlement programs. And finally a 15 Trillion dollar deficit. What's important to me is defeating Obama. Because any one of the current republicans is better than Obama.

All of these Perry bashing threads are pointless. And most likely humorous to the lefties who frequent PWI. All we need to do is stay focused on defeating Obama, regardless of who the republican is he will be better than that man.


The Lieutenant Governor will take over, like Perry did for Bush. Not sure about the next election.

It will be a Republican as there is little to no democratic party. I hope it will more moderate one but I have no idea who is in the running. Maybe Bill White will run again. I remember there was a Dem from Dallas who seemed pretty good that ran the same time as Kinky Friedman but not sure if he will give it another go. I think it would be interesting if a strong candidate come out of the Latino population.

The reason I harp about Perry is I think he has instituted a culture in Texas that is antagonistic to education. Not just public, but education in general. It worries me when science is such a driving force behind innovation but political leaders question its validity. I think it will worry the business community as it has already.


Not meant as a bash on Perry, just thought it was an funny/interesting story. I think the money is to go to battered women services and the like.


Sin taxes are almost always interesting stories.

What's the goal? If everything works as planned, we end up with a bunch of sexually frustrated men who objectify women sitting at home and no money to help battered women. Right?


That is a mighty wide statement there, Zeb.


He could insult my mother and I'd still back him against Obama -- So what does all this mean?


Oh I don't know I think there are a lot of people who feel "anybody but Obama" is the way we should go. That's why I am reticent to attack anyone who I feel has a chance at beating him.


They attack him because he scares them more than Palin. He actually has a realistic goal of beating Obummer. He has been governer of Texas for over 8 years. Texas is where all people are flocking too what is sad it that is mostly from Dem States. Like someone on here said they might take over but hopefully not.


Two top job producing states Cali and Texas , go figure , They do say all the jobs created in TX are minimum wage , but on the other hand you can live on minimum wage in TX


They say with Cali is only because of the farm jobs, not exactly sure. But people from Cali are flocking down here in flocks due to the cost of living and most are business owners who have personally told me that Texas has less paperwork to deal with and is a whole bunch cheaper. They where kinda of surprised at how much house 300k brings in here in Texas.
Plus Perry has been known to stick it to the Feds on many issues. That might help him as well.


Oil creates lots of jobs and its a high paying industry. Strong in parts of California too, but yes cost of living is fortunately low here. We live high on the hog.


That's what's happened to Colorado over the last several decades. More californians here now than Coloradoans.


Word. But I do hate sin taxes of any sort with a passion.


Slimy bastards.