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Perry and Immigration


So I've been posting about Perry and some of his downfalls, one being his harsh words but soft action on illegal immigration in Texas.

For what it's worth, Texas is about to start taking a stronger stand against illegal immigrants than it has been.

I don't know that Perry had much to do with the linked initiative, but he hasn't condemned or tried to stop it.

I don't know what your stance on illegal immigration is but it looks like Perry is not as soft as he has been acting either way.

Sad it took a presidential run to bring something like this around but interesting he is not chasing the hispanic vote. Maybe he does have some integrity after all.


Edit: It looks like all foriegners are included, not just illegals. Even better!


The Latino vote is mythical, it represented 9% of the overall vote in the 2008 election. Didn't Perry want to sign an anti-sanctuary state law for Texas ?


I remember a desire for amnesty.


He may have something to say about the new legislation just yet, I guess we will see. Flip flop much?

Fuck he was a democrat in support of Al Gore once upon a time.


9% is enough to swing an election if they believe the bullshit and vote D like a big flock of sheep. You would think people could make up their own mind and not fall for the race baiting, but look at the statistics for the black vote. 90% + for Obama. How's that working out for them?


How dare you , Republicans never flip flop


That's something I just don't get, especially here in Cali. As you know, this state is highly Dem, and people vote Dem, yet complain about the insane taxes, lousy schools, all done by Dems.

At the end of the day, if people were smart, it would be all about the green (money that is). No one gives a shit about Global Warming in 10 years if you can't pay your mortgage or rent for the month.


17% unemployment for African Americans - That's how it's working out for them! But I doubt that his Black supporters will be any less than in 08. After all Obama is black. And we should all vote for the person who nearest matches our skin color right? Oh no...wait that's racist.


To be fair, he was a democrat first and foremost. He's just on a flop right now, like a true democrat.


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Yes, reform is a God given right. It's just hard to trust a politician who may just be on a flop. And then he re-reforms to a flip? Plus he votes like a Democrat even if he calls himself a Republican so what's in a name? A black rose.

All I remember of the 80's was multi-colored tennis shoes with electric green laces, kindergarden and my awesome ninja turtle lunch box so I can't genuinly speak to his old association with Gore.

But he sucks as a Governor in Texas.


There is little difference between Republicans and Democrats , I personally think the Republicans want to take care of the wealthy and the Democrats are a little more altruistic.


Considering that even most legal aliens are either carrying a visa or a green card this is correct. Only American citizens can vote, which most of them ain't.


No, but his wife was...She's always been a raving lunatic.


With other people's money...


Didn't they just split up?


You KNOW I'm gonna' say it, Zeb...

The Dems and Republicans BOTH spend other people's money like drunken sailors...



See, this is where things get hazy.

When Dems act too fucking Dem, then shit gets crazy, where you have idiots with these fantasies of zero carb emissions, everyone eating perfectly organic all the time, everyone using public transit, basically the bat-shit crazy version of Liberalism.

Dems here have imposed taxes on middle class people, because many of the rich have left, along with businesses, because more and more poor people (aka illegal aliens) have come across the border, making the remaining people pay for everyone.

Because SO many rich people, business owners, and industry have left, we have the 2nd highest unemployment, so the Dems lowered the tax brackets so that "being rich" is now making $47k/year as an individual.

Taxes on car registration, property taxes, income, sales, and removing the child tax credit was expected to bring in an estimated $60 Billion, yet we STILL would be running a $29 Billion deficit.

We passed a bill to allow state spending to be made public, and the state legislature refused to do it. A court order was issues, and it STILL was refused. The next step will be a fucking revolution, of course I will be there.

To sum up my rant, when Dems get bat-shit crazy, they become California, where we passed a law to mandate that hospitals use fitted bed sheets, because nurses complained about back pain when making up the beds (not joking either).


with tax money , chicken :slight_smile:


If you feel the dems are at fault for all your woes , I think you should research the origins of tax,

By the way I agree the sheets should be fitted:)


But as Reagan used to say, at least the sailors are spending their own money!