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Perpetually Tired

Holy shit i dont have any sleep disorders or anything, but im perpetually fucking tired. LOL i say it with anger because it’s probably the most irrational annoying garbge ever.

I feel sedated and warm 99% of the time like im about to fall the fuck asleep. i just woke from a nap and feel sort of dizzy, i have zero clue how im going to lift. I grab the bar and feel like a warm noodle that will never do shit but sleep.

Although im 20 could it have something to do with growth hormone or something? i know that can make people really tired if they take it as a ped. trying to look at the bright side of things… lol. don’t see any.

I do fullbody 3x a week

drink a gallon of water a day

eat enough

don’t really do shit that tires me out

sleep 10 hours a night

Sounds like me. Oh well, guess we’re both wet noodles.

Serious though, could be deficient in the good old D vitamin. Try supplementing it, see how that goes. (look into it).


Hahaha once i get to lifting it goes away sometimes, but comes back quickly. i’ve been supplementing vit d i take about 10,000 iu a day + what ever is in my diet.

Could do with a week long diet log. Sounds dietary to me pal.

A 20 year old with no medical problems should be able to live off of pizza, burritos, and beer and still feel pretty good. In college, I could literally lift, go eat a burrito the size of my head, go out and drink beer all night, and wake up early the next day and go for a run. And I’m not trying to brag or say that’s anything special, this is just what guys who were into sports and training did.

I’d get yourself checked out by a doctor. People that are older than you, don’t train at ll, don’t eat particularly well, and don’t hydrate still feel better than you describe.

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first person in this thread to say something smart. good job.

Constant lethargy is anything but normal for a 20 year old kid. Especially one like you who is doing everything right. I don’t necessarily think it’s a growth hormone thing though. You said you feel ‘warm’. That’s unusual. That means you feel different from how you felt previously in life, otherwise you wouldn’t be differentiating it as such. So it could be a thyroid thing potentially. You use iodized salt? Make sure you do that. Aside from that, definitely get a blood work-up through your doctor, and post results here. Could also be a low T thing, but that’s not the first conclusion I’d jump to.

What is your height, weight, and approximate bodyfat percentage?

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I’m 5’8 or 5’9 148lbs idk my bodyfat % but i have a 4pack maybe 6 (maybe because it’s that sort of definition that is not obvious)

lifts are

270 max on deadlift
200max squat
145 max bench
115 max ohp
160 max row (yes LOL)
and i do chinups with 25lbs attached 3x8

Idk if my lifts will help you gauge my bodyfat % but i assume around 15%

I’m not too worried if i have Low T, that would just mean i might have to take test :wink: lol jk i would rather not have to rely on anything. doubt it’s that though. we’ll see!

It’s most likely a food allergy.

I was in your shoes. Found out I’m gluten intolerant. Started making sense why I felt so fuckin tired when I drank beer.

Thought I had cancer lol
But really, couldn’t figure it for the life of me. Never thought it was so simple to fix.

X3 get checked out by your doc. Perfect world get full panel blood work. Maybe even test for Lyme’s disease to cover all bases.

What is your training like? do you go to failure every workout or do drop sets, rest pause/finishers etc? -Won’t be the core issue but can make things worse

I don’t have that great of a program, it’s greyskull so yeah it’s basically to failure. sometimes it’s pretty hard to get my reps done, like my last overhead press set took at least 5 seconds to go up since I hate failing on lifts. I just make them go up no matter what. it’s not like I do it every workout, but it happens sometimes.

I don’t know if im a novice lifter still so I continue to do 5lbs lower 2.5 upper weekly. this last squat session felt weird, I felt a lot of tension in my lower back which I’ve never felt before. I think its tired from my deadlifts, I did 190 12 times in a row which is a lot for me to do lol. I was doing amrap as greyskull prescribed. Stopped early since i felt like doing anymore would be pointless. i think i had 4 more left in the tank. did not feel worth completing lol

In your case move on to madcow5x5 starting very light or 5/3/1 triumvirate and actually start off with the deload week and then minimum reps on the 5.3.1 set until you get this handled…

I would also get pretty aggresive with conditioning one day a week to get your cardio fitness up which should help with energy levels. Something like the Wednesday session/energy system work here…

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that’s silly. Why would you arbitrarily decide this? The most important reps are the last ones. They are called AMRAP sets for a reason… Those are the reps that get really tough. They’re the most important for building both strength and conditioning.

Speaking of which. You’re obviously not fat, but your conditioning sounds terrible. If 12 reps is ‘a lot for you to do’ that’s a problem.

Anyway. Your program isn’t the problem. Greyskull is fine. Most programs are fine. There is no single perfect program.

Jarvan could potentially be on to something with the food allergy possibility, but I still think hormones are most likely the problem. If you get bloodwork done and it comes out pretty clean, I would look at dietary factors next. It can be really hard to pinpoint food allergies, but it may be necessary to look at that.

At 20 you could still being going through a growth spurt.

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It could be due to an array of reasons that you have constant fatigue. Depression, vitamin deficiencies, Sleep Apnea, Hypogonadism, Hypothyroidism, etc. We don’t know you personally, nor are we medical professionals (well, I am not). But I have been where you are, and I am 29 now. It does get better, but you need to take your health into your own hands.Your best bet is to go see medical professionals.

I would suggest, however, to at least get some bloodwork done so make sure your hormones are all in tact. I found out in my mid-twenties that I had Low Testosterone. This was on top of anxiety/depression as well, so it is/was incredibly compounded. I’d come home from work and sleep on the couch for hours, get up for a couple of hours, go to bed, rinse and repeat the cycle. My life was literally passing by and all I wanted to do was sleep. I remember even after proposing to my wife all I wanted to do was nap.

Oh, I also have Sleep Apnea. I was diagnosed with that a while ago and I have a CPAP Machine. The thing is, I am not overweight, or not by much. I don’t have a gut or anything, which is the type of people you generally would think that have it. So just because you sleep 10+ hours a night doesn’t mean the quality is optimal. Quite the contrary, actually. You can go to a Sleep Doctor to have a Sleep Study done to see where you stand. Do you snore? That’s a giveaway.

That sounds great honestly. we will see!

I’m concerned with the low t thing because isn’t it true that if you fuck with your HPTA that it could impact you for life at this age, in a very very very bad way? I feel like at this age i might have to just go with the flow.

A doctor though knows way more than i do about that sort of thing, i’m going regardless. i have an appointment set.

I don’t snore but i feel my circadian rhythm might be fucked. I sleep like a baby in daylight, at night it’s a struggle. I sleep 10 hours regardless, but most of it is as the sun is coming up.


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This seems likely it. Unless you’re cycling enhancement drugs, this workout is going to break you sooner or later if you don’t give your body enough time to heal. We all tolerate different amounts of weightlifting. I couldn’t do full body workout twice a week without crashing while my friend can work out heavy 7 days a week and feel perfectly fine.

I am myself currently feeling like you do plus another 20 symptoms of OTS (Overtraining Syndrome).

Here’s a good article about it, perhaps you can relate to other symptoms in there: http://www.alphamaleinstitute.com/overtraining-syndrome-recovery-program/


full body 3x a week is too much?

Sweet merciful christ


Well, of course, it depends on how many sets you put in. But if one is not taking enhancement drugs, working out all muscles groups 3 times per week CAN be counterproductive.