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Perpetual morning only Androsol use

Guys, I’ve been thinking about starting a perpetual morning only androsol cycle. I don’t think anyone has ever done this so I’m going to tip toe my way at the beginning. I’ll get my test levels checked before I start and then get them checked about once every month or 2 months to see if it doesn’t suppress my own testosterone like everyone says it won’t. However, that is not all I’m concerned about. Can anyone think of some good reasons not to do this? Really, the only thing in the back of my mind is prostate problems down the road. Nonetheless, its certainly enough to concern me. Thanks a bunch guys.

Having your androgen levels greatly increased
for most of the day, 365 days per year,
decade after decade, indeed might have unknown
adverse results which might include earlier
development of benign prostatic hyperplasia, a problem which tends to plague all men if they get old enough. It might also have an adverse effect on your blood lipid profiles, so I’d have that checked too.

Personally, I would not do it. If I wanted
an ongoing supplementation routine, then I’d want one that just put androgen levels up
to a high normal range, something which is
known to be safe.

The 70 sprays dosage increases your total
androgen level by about 3 times. I wish
we had data for free 4-AD levels, since they
would be a more significant indicator than
total levels, but all we can do is estimate
from total.

An increase in the neighborhood more like 50%
would make more sense to me for long term use.

So this would be about 14 sprays. Not much,
but that’s what I would choose for long term use. (Actually, at that dose, I’d be comfortable with 2x/day use.)

So Bill, for any finite period of time would there be a tangible difference results- or health-wise between tribex and light androsol use as menioned in the above post?

I really don’t know, but either should be safe.