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Perpetual Beginner


I've been a beginner for far too long. Largely due to inconsistency and injuries, I haven't progressed as a weightlifter. Hopefully, I can put that to rest now. I'm trying out a new push to get into great shape in time for summer. I have two main goals: abs and learning how to box. Ideally, I can kill two birds with one stone. I plan on keeping track of my progress here. I've set a end goal of 100 days from tomorrow - June 4th.

Current Stats (This morning/Estimated Goal):
Weight: 172.8/163
Waist (longest measurement): 33.25/30
Rt. Arm Cold: 12.5/13
Rt. Upper Thigh: 23.5/22

Lifting: Monday and Thursay - Current doing Rippetoe, but only two days a week because of boxing.
Boxing: Four times a week
Running: Once a week (Was running 2x a week but shin splits were acting up - goal here is 20 min 5k at which point I'll focus more on short sprints, but I would like a baseline of cardio).

V-Diet Lite. One solid meal per day. I did the V-Diet, with good results, in the past and got down to an adult low of 173, but subsequently gained some weight back.

Any advice, criticism or encouragement is welcome. Pictures to come.


Day 2:

One big problem I have is getting enough sleep. Pretty hard to work a demanding job, train and have some kind of a social life. Sleep ends up taking a hit, but that's problematic for a lot of reasons. Anyhow, felt exhausted training yesterday. I'm sure a low carb approach doesn't help at all.


Wait - so you weight 172 lbs but DON'T have abs? How tall are you?

Goals of getting abs and learning to box are not going to get you much help on this site. It is, after all, a bodybuilding site. You might wanna look around for another forum. I only posted a reply because I love your username.


+1 Check out rosstraining.com It is geared towards combat athletes.


and use the training log sub-section for this


Quit spending all of your money on supplements


Fair enough.


You will have a hard time cutting and gaining size on your biceps. It's just an unrealistic goal. However the measurements are very small, especially for your weight. I'm 170lbs and mine sit at 15 inches now.