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Perpetual Beginner Using NROL


The question is, should I ditch it? My primary interest for at least the first year (of which I'm in month two) is to gain size and strength. However, the program I'm following out of the book is more geared towards fat loss than anything else.

Here's the program I'm following for the next few weeks (all @ 3x12 currently, although initially the reps were at 15):

Incline dumbbell bench

Bulgarian split squats
Mixed grip lat pulldowns

Romanian deadlifts
Swiss ball crunches

I alternate between that routine and this one every other day I workout:

Cable seated row

Supine hip extension
Dumbbell push press

Rotational lunge
Swiss ball crunches

The next four workouts will be at the rep rate posted and then the following four workouts after that are supposed to be at 8. Should I simply dial down the number of reps if I want a decent strength/hypertrophy workout or should the entire program be scrapped for a new one?

Another question: when I superset, I'm supposed to immediately follow one set of one exercise with another and only rest once both sets of both exercises have been completed?


for supersets, you do both exercises for all reps specified, and then rest. Example- your first superset would be 12 deadlifts, and then you hustle without rest and do your incline dumbbell bench for 12 reps. And then rest. repeat three times. Supersetting Bulgarian split squats probably sucks. I do those things, but I curse the guy who invented them with every rep.

I suggest scrapping the crunches though. Too much evidence on this site says that crunches not only suck at building your abs, but they cause lower back injuries. Look up some core exercises on this site to replace them, as thee are several articles dedicated to canning crunches/ situps


After I complete all the sets involved in the superset (IE complete the superset), do I take a longer rest or just move on?


I haven't read NROL in about a year, but I seem to remember strength and hypertrophy specific workouts in there as well as the fat lose ones. Why not follow one of those instead of the fat lose programs?


for size and strength,follow the"consider skinny an insult" program...the supersets are at full rest so u do one thing then rest then to the second lift then rest, not typicaly what people think of when think of supersets


Yeah, I think I'll switch after I finish out the time period for this program. Thanks for the advice.


How's your progress so far Godunov? I'm also doing NROL. I'm on the "serious about lifting but seriously overweight" program. Lost 11 lbs already while retaining most of my LBM. Went from about 15% to about 12% in 7 weeks.