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Peroneal Tendinitis and BPC-157

Hello all,

i have had chronic ankle pain for a year. decided to do BCP-157 injection. Should i inject it close to my ankle or doing it subcutaneously in abdomen area is as good as doing it close to my ankle?

It is hard to inject it close to ankle because there are no much of skin/tissue to do it properly close to ankle. i mean that area is so tight because it is so attached to bone.

I don’t have experience with any of the healing peptides but a nagging elbow has got me strongly considering a test round on myself.
Everything I’ve found indicates BPC-157 can be administed IM, SQ, or orally.
My gut tells me that for your ankle I would select SQ as close to the injury as possible (but this is simply Bro science on my part). I would be curious as to the results you get either way. Keep us posted.

My gut says that too. And it kinda makes sense. Will keep you posted forsure.

I’ve had this thread open on my tabs for about 2 months now. I’m tempted to try it for my elbow.