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Permanent Lipogenesis/Lipolysis Changes


These days I've been dieting (for some part with no success) and analyzing what I had done wrong and what I had done right. I followed the usual low-carb, high fat and protein, green veggies and seldom fruit diet. It was full of meats, nuts, I also supplemented with creatine and followed (up to week 4) 6 weeks to superman training regimen. I busted my ass at the gym to the point tears ran down my cheeks.

The results: little fat loss, some muscle gain in specific areas(and finally it brought up my chest a bit ). I mean I am very very satisfied with the program , but my final goal wasn't achieved. I played with my calories and carbs ,still to no avail. I pleatued in the same bodyfat level as I have always had ,these (nearly) 3 years. Best of all ..all my grueling seances at the gym seem to go to horseshit when some 100lbs but ripped guy gets more attention.. I know , i know , im being shallow but fuck my life, its all shits and giggles in the winter when everybody gets impressed with my arms and shit, but damn, being lean is fucking awesome, and sadly ive never tried that feeling.

I am 17 right now, former fatboy,reaaaally fat boy, now am around 13-14 % bf although i havent checked it, arms float around 18 inches (44-46 cm), am 96 kilos, my muscle insertions are not the most desirable though, i have a high biceps, and a very stubborn chest, although i can bench in the 140 kgs as my one rep max, and squat to nearly parallel 220 kgs.

After my longings in the diets realm,(which have stunted my potential muscle gain), I have made a diet which soon Im going to start, it is based on the guidelines of the get shredded diet. I will also add more cardio and hope, that all the coffee and cinnamon I keep chugging down will actually help me. Now What if i achieve my goal, i presume that if i slip off my diet, I will re-get fat. I know this is the million dollar question, but what if there was a way of getting to stabilize the bodies fat gain/loss, optimizing it, or even better inducing fatcell apoptosis? is there a way?

P.S. if you can also critique my diet.


Dude, you're eating 2100 kcal @ a bodyweight of ~210 lbs. Eat some food. Your metabolism is probably shit.
Look into carb cycling if the pic is a representation of how you eat everyday.


What sticks out to me is that you weigh 210 lbs and are eating 175g of protein and 138g of fat. Drop the fat back to 100g and get your protein up to around 260g. This will keep your calories at the same place they were before, but should improve your body composition.

I would also make a point to have one or two days per week where you lower fats to 50-60g and consume ~300g of additional carbohydrate (350g total). Do this for 8-12 more weeks and see what happens. This should have noticeable positive effects on your body composition.


this is John Berardi's diet http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance_diet_mass/the_get_shredded_diet
and i havent started it yet, i just wanted your insight. ill see on adding the protein, and also i am trying to figure out how to stay lean after the diet. Seems impossible for me srsly. -.-


i specifically remember him saying that "get shredded" will not work for people who have been undereating for an extended period of time...

that being said you need to get your metabolism back up. you'll only do that by eating more. try going up to 3000 cals for 2-3 weeks then drop back down

also stronghold just gave you some pretty solid advice. i would give that a try as well


yeah thats what im doing, i increased my calories and am eating pretty normally(high calories) so id get my metabolism back up , fml i gain like crazy, also i took a week or two off traning. TBH i feel like shit :P. anyways im going to do 3 weeks with berardis strategy and then 3-4 weeks with strongholds startegy.


There's definitely the ability to essentially reset how lean you are and stay much leaner with relative ease but it's not gonna happen without drugs.


i know this isnt an AAS based discussion, but do you mind expanding on that?

i was always under the impression one could hold a low(er) body fat level for a period of time and the body would normalize - not questioning you j/w....


Evan Centopani is a good example of this. He is a FFB but now can maintain a very low bodyfat even when bulking and at very high bodyweights. Years of AAS +HGH overtime will allow you to basically stay permanently leaner. Of course that changes when drug use stops. My biochemist buddy explained this to me but it kind of went over my head a bit.

A natty doesn't have that same benefit.


So yah, this. lol


gotcha. thank you both


And after that he must return to his initial medium-protein high-fat macro's?


As i said i havent started teh diet, and will start it on monday, while on vacation ill be weary of carbs, even though the sea will make me hungry as a wolf. Anyways its been a staple in my head, and it is very very stressful, I never seem to even think of living normally. Let alone that i have to always control my HUGE hunger, it really doesnt let me bulk, after all noone wants to get super fat, to gain moderate amounts of muscle. Also Ive been cosntantly thinking of trying HGH at 18 more for the increase in height, than for the bodybuilding profits. Idk to be honest I think its risky so , I have no near-future plans for aas or hgh. For now im thinking to lose the motherfucking fat until i am lean, then to bulk using periworkout strategies, although the fucking whey is so damn expensive in here, and fml Biotest doesnt ship where i live, plus the shipping fucks up any thing i could buy from the internet. Anyways i tweaked the diet and decided to do 2-3 weeks Berardi style then 4-6 weeks with teh higher protein lower fat version you guys outlined.


the new one with the changed macros


dont do the fucking Berardi shit! did you even read the article or jjust look for the calorie/macronutrient formulas?

he CLEARLY says it will not work for those who have already been dieting for a while


I got it BUT i have been eating like a pig for 2 weeks and have even layed off training :S


I got it BUT i have been eating like a pig for 2 weeks and have even layed off training :S


lol ok just making sure bc i did something similar and ended up fucking up my thyroid...

anyway i would stick to strongholds recommendation and not even attempt the Berardi program.

also, if hunger is such a problem maybe you should try intermittent fasting


its been years that i control it, i just stfu :P. i have this infinite eating potential :stuck_out_tongue:


No, that protein intake is fairly low for his bodyweight and he would probably be better off sticking to 1g/lb or higher.