Permanent Injury - Need Tips for Grip Assistance

Hello !

K, I have a permanent loss of strength, as well as chronic pain in my dominant hand (have morphine pump for the pain, a condition called Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD)).

Anyway, I am lifting and need suggestions on ANYTHING that would aid my grip while moving weight. Have used straps in the past with dumbbells, but is that about it?

Yes it’s a special sort of issue, especially here, but figure if anywhere on the 'net would have people who know to make suggestions, thought it’d be worth a post…

Thank you for any input, and if ya wanna see my log with pics, it’s there under “Fat Old Man Shrinking.” There are pics of the injury there that will make it clear just why I need something to help with the grip so muscles in the rest of the body won’t suffer.


Can you grip any weights at all? If you can, use straps for as long as you can. That way I believe you could retain at least some grip strength unless your condition completely prevents this.

If you have absolutely no ability to grip, myprotein for one sells strapped hooks that work pretty much the same as versa gripps, but they have a hook in place of the strap.

If you have a tiny bit of gripping ability but not enough to use straps, versa gripps (or something similar but cheaper) and figure 8 straps are another option as well. I recall Eddie Hall switching to figure 8’s after the dropped his WR deadliftg.

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Yessir ok & thanks :slight_smile:

I have about half the grip in the right hand as the left (120lb left/60-70 right)

Located my dang straps finally. Will use them for pulling movements today.

Guess I should be grateful I have a damn hand after what it has endured :confused:

Have a good one!

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I would look into versa-grips. They don’t have to be wound around the bar and make for very easy on and easy off. Plus you can set them to not totally holding the weight so that you can still work your grip.

Will look into that. Thanks!