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Permanent Grip Loss Issue & Training

Ok, I’m a disabled vet, and I have a bad right hand, and so far, the heaviest dumbbell I’ve been able to pick up is 50lbs, for rows, and using a lifting strap and gloves.

I have to accept that I’ll never be able to lift like I did 11 years ago at age 33 due to my injury, and that blows out loud. But do any of you know of lifting aids besides the gloves and straps that could assist me in upping my weights a little? Or am I probably doomed to low weights and high reps.

Size isn’t really the thing for me right now anyways, I’m trying to lose a massive amount of weight that I acccumulated after my power lifting days got shot in the ass years ago. Matter of fact, this will be only my 4th week of training after all those years. I am 6’1.5" and weigh around 335 I think ~ don’t have access to a scale, so I’m just guessing my weight loss over the past weeks.

I’m losing the weight successfully at least :)). But when my hand went south, I was a pretty solid 250lbs.

I’m just full of issues I guess.

Right now I am in fact doing like 2-4 sets of 8-20 reps of stuff, mixing it up best I can, and using protein, surge pre and post drinks, and just stopped creatine to un-bloat.

Thus far, 50lb dumbbells are enough, but there will come a time when I want to pick up the big boys for misc. movements, and want to be ABLE to do it.

Have no access to squat rack where I work out (general fitness place with nothing but smith machines and misc. other machines, and a dumbbell rack)…so I’ll not be squatting, or doing deadlifts, or any other exercise that requires a free barbell.

I’ll post my routine in another post…, and maybe someone can recommend exercises that don’t require a mind numbing grip.

Thanks for any input about anything I can do regarding right hand grip. Like I said, the damage is permanent, and my grip is weak by my own standards.

Ya all take care.

These may help. Look for weight lifting hooks online.

concerning a routine: it depends on your goals. For general health, DB bench , DB rows and DB lunges, each done for 3-5 sets of 5-12 reps, done 3x/week, may be enough. Be more specific.

I think it’s pretty obvious you’ll have to use machines

Thx for the hooks suggestion. Didn’t know about them.

:: 1 Man Island:: --> Hi. For a LOT of stuff yes this is true, but I still can do dumbbells for many things. I want to do my very best with what I have of course, and do not want to say I’ll “have” to use all machines. But I do accept my limitations to a great degree as well. It’s a balancing act.

right now, my goals are simple -->> lose weight/tone and add muscle in small portions
On the days I don’t use weights/machines, I do cardio, and I do abs 5-6 days a week.
I’m exercising, not body-building or power lifting right now…and exercise may be the best I can do, but I won’t give up without a fight lol.

kk, so here’s a sampling of what I’m doing.

Monday: Warmup, chest, abs, cardio
Tuesday: Warmup, shoulders, traps
Wed: Warmup, back, abs, cardio
Thur: Warmup, Legs
Friday: Warmup, arms, cardio
Saturday: cardio
Sunday: OFF

Now, as for the exercises for the bodyparts mentioned, here’s how it looks:
Chest: Flat OR incline bench, machine flies
Shoulders: dumbbell presses, shoulder press machine, for traps-shrugs
Arms: Dbell curls, bent bar curls, triceps rope press, kickbacks, reverse machine tri press
Back: Upright rows, back extension machine, dbell rows
Legs: All machine stuff, extensions and curls and calf extensions

Cardio = at least 15 mins on a treadmill
Abs= a weighted crunch machine (can’t do any twisting stuff due to implants in abdomen on each side)

Weights are reasonably low, reps range from 6-20 on 2-4 sets of each exercise mentioned.

Thinking about doing something I hate soon–> circuit training…it might actually fit me better for about 6 weeks.

Oh, and I never give myself more than a timed 45 seconds between sets on any exercise, and about 2 mins between exercises

kk, that’s all I got for this one fellas.
Ya all t/c

1 ton hooks

For future reference, if you get the urge to deadlift again and have access to a bar, look into a Zercher Harness.