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Permanent Gains from 6 Month Low Dose Cycle?

Hey guys,

First post here! I Was wondering if anyone actually has some direct experience with or directly knows someone who’s used the following protocol exactly. Is it realistic to expect to keep at least part of the muscle built after you stop using it or no? Thanks!

  • About 100-150mg of test (Cyp/Enan) for ~6months.
    -Full stop, with appropriate PCT as neede
    -No changes in diet/exercise frequency following cessation of test

That’s called TRT. Aka getting back to your natural test levels. If you’re not already a candidate for TRT you’d be all risk zero reward.

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That protocol is a rarity. At least as a cycle. Go to the TRT section, there you‘ll find enough people doing that.

Oops, wrong section then.

If you’re implying that 150mg exogenous is equivalent to anything the average human produces, you may be mistaken. Exogenous supplementation produces a much more consistent distribution of the hormone and is longer acting than natural test (less peaks and valleys, almost always high).

If you know all the answers then why are you asking questions? Run your cycle and report back

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I moved the thread out of the T Replacement forum because this is the right section. Running test at whatever dose with the intention of stopping after X amount of time is a cycle.

This happens to be very long cycle at a relatively low dose which, like wanna_be already addressed, would be a lot more trouble than its worth.

Some guys in the TRT forum have stopped their TRT protocols after experiencing side effects and being unable to dial in their protocol but, in general, TRT is medication intended to be used for life.

If you qualify for TRT, follow an appropriate TRT protocol. If you want to use Test for a while, get gains, and then stop using, then run an appropriate cycle.


I don’t know all the answers, that’s why I’m asking. You answered a different question than what I asked, I corrected you. Have a nice day.

A 150mg a week would have me well under 500 total T. So a step in the wrong direction. If your a magic responder then maybe, but I still think it’s dumb.

Going from natural baseline, do you lose muscle at 150mg per week?

Why would the lower dose cycle be more trouble than its worth, when you’re taking into account the side effects. Do you mean zero or no muscle would be built on that protocol? I don’t care about building the maximum amount of muscle in a vacuum, I care about building it sustainably. If I can’t do that, the whole endeavor isn’t worth it.

Why such a low dose? That’s barely replacement

How about YOU answer some questions. What exactly are you wanting out of this? And why are you not considering a traditional cycle.

What do you think you’ll gain/avoid by going so low, for so long?

Let’s say your natural TT right now is 700ng, generous.

Now you take 100-150mg of test, and after 6 weeks you do labs and you’re at 500ng (as said above). Which direction have you moved?

Yes it’s a constant 500, not up and down as a natural would be. Or, you could be a good responder and hit 1000+ng out of a small dose, that’s not unheard of. Only way to know is to try.

Get baseline labs, labs at 8 weeks, labs at the end of 6 months, and compare. Maybe it’ll be worth it, maybe not.

But you wanna guarantee you get your TT up into the 2-3000ng range? Use a real cycle dose

I didn’t mean you should post this there. You should go there to get answers to your questions.

Also a 100 mg cycle puts your testosterone probably under your normal levels, you won’t get anything, will be disappointed and then you have to PCT and hope your body recovers.

If you got low T and just want to replace, then TRT is the way to go not a 6 month cycle with such a small dose that you get nothing out of it.

I’ll make this simple. 100 mg/wk will likely not do much of anything. 150 mg/wk, may do a bit (a couple of lbs perhaps). I did 150 mg/wk for a year as my first protocol for TRT. I probably gained 3 lbs of muscle and lost 3 lbs of fat in that time.

The reason it is a bad idea is that after 6 months on, you will be shut down, and it will be the same as if you were on 500 mg/wk for 6 months. You will be hypogonadal during your recovery in which you will likely lose some muscle. Some men don’t recover well or take a long time to do so.

So you have a fixed cost in recovery time, and a chance of not recovering. If the benefit is 3-4 lbs of muscle, it isn’t worth the cost (especially since you will likely lose it during recovery). If it were to be 10-15 lbs then perhaps it is worth the cost (you would likely keep 7-8 lbs of recovery). The latter could be done in 3 months with higher doses depending on many factors.

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I see, but yet most people gain at least some muscle on 150mg per week, suggesting that even if it brings it down to 100ng/dl (I know it doesn’t, but bear with me), it achieves it’s function, correct? I
m getting the impression that people put too much weight to the number on the blood test, which causes them to lose sight of what matters: muscle gained. Exogenous test just doesn’t hit the body the same way endogenous does. Take a look. Also, those test levels are measured at their highest, you do not have that amount the whole day, literally only in the morning.

Thank you, that’s what I was looking for.

Note that mnben didn’t come off. If you’re coming of the test you will as he said likely lose it. If you won’t come off, you are doing TRT.


Exactly. I do more now in fact (200 mg/wk).

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