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Permanent Deca Dick


I have a problem I have taken Deca 275mg about 8 months ago.

While I was on it I noticed my Dick was Getting less hard so I added Test Enthante for 4 or 5weeks. So I did deca for 8 weeks and added test for 4 -5 weeks with the first 2 weeks with deca then test alone. I took Nolvadex and clomd for a pct i felt normal and hard after 1 month or so I noticed I wasnt thinking bout sex and my dick was very weak not hard at all I did a blood test and my test was 4.5 and average is 8-38 and I also did a sperm test and it was 0.

My endocronlogist gave me hcg for 2 months he made me do 63IU twice a week my testerone went up high first 16 then 25 so it got better but wasnt getting hard i did a sperm test and it was 1 percent still no good so he made me get off it and my testorne went back down again.

HE made me do HMG simialar to hcg accept it has fsh hormone in it i did 75ius of lh and fsh 3 times a week. I jsut got my sperm test back that i did last week and i have 83% meaning I can have kids and the sperm heads and stuff are good and my testorne is ok i still Haven't seen the results but my dick still not that hard like it gets but still weak and stuff the doctor says when i get off hmg

ill go back to being the way i was no sperm and low test so he is telling me to do hrt I told him no that im only 20 any advice if i will get better normally or tips or anything it would be greatly appreciated


Whooooo that sucks ass. Should have waited till after you had kids to fuck with your balls. 20 is just too young to have ED. Good luck dude, I hope your junk gets better.


I'd say you've pretty much fucked up in your endocrine system. My guess is that you've completely desensitized your leydig cells. I mean, 2 MONTHS of HCG to me seems like WAY too long.

First off, get on Test E at 250mgs a week. You're not trying to cycle here, this is just a replacement dose. I'd stay on this for about 6-8 weeks, and run a test taper with all the proper ancillaries.

I'd also run it with Caber because you could be experiencing prolactin issues. The replacement dose of Test should shut down your natural LH production, which will give it a few weeks to re-sensitize your leydig cells. The test taper should gradually ween you off the exogenous test, slowly allowing you to produce your own.

In a sense you're going to try to completely reset your endocrine system. If this doesn't work, say hello to TRT.

And one more thing, don't use HCG or HMG during your recovery, it's only going to desensitize your leydig cells.


It should rectify itself eventually.


What do you mean recitfy itself like get better or do wat schanzz said to do ?


it should, I agree but it will take along time IME.
if you leave the drugs alone, it will be a long harsh road but it will fix itself and you will recover.


I disagree. 63 iu's twice a week is a miniscule amount, and almost certainly not enough to cause the desensitization that has been associated with daily blasts of 1000iu's or more. And as long as dosage is conservative (150-200iu eod works for me), two months shouldn't be causing any problems either.

Wish I had more to offer but the rest of the numbers (and reference ranges) you provided are just as confusing.


If the dude was on deca alone for so long & gets deca dick, doesn't that rectify itself within time?

What could have caused his DecaDick to go permanent?


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Most likely, Prolactin. Undoubtedly it is not permanent though, as stated, the endocrine system has a way of rectifying itself, the problem being, it is about as quick doing that as a snail moves.

If the OP could get a full blood panel done, and post it here then we could offer him some dead on help im sure.
But my 'guess' when taking into account the ester length of Deca Durabolin, the cycle length, the poor planning of adding in testosterone in the first place and the lack of Bromo, Caber etc then Prolactin is the flashing beacon.



My prolactin was in normal range


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Here are some results from october 3 2008, but I took them after i got off hcg by 1 -2 weeks and was also on a bit of nolvadex but stopped them as the same time as hcg. You guys mentioned that I should do a blood test but im currently on HMG and 20mg of nolvadex so I was thinking there is no point because they will come out not right cause of the medications im on.


LH 4. 1 - 9 IU/L
FSH 5. M: 1 - 12 IU/L

TESTOSTERONE 7.9 M: 8.0 - 38.0 nmo1/L
PROLACTIC 13. Male: < 18 ug/L
ESTRADIOL 60. ADULT M: < 161 pmo1/L


I'm in the same situation as you. I have all the hormones OK (including: Testosterone, T3, T4, TSH, prolactine, LH, FSH, estrogene, progesterone,DHEA, glucose, HDL/LDT etc) but no libido after deca cycle. I finished deca cylce about 6 years ! ago, but since this time my libido has disappeared. I did deca only cycle with no test and unfortunately no PCT. That was my mistake and the mistake of the person that recommended this cycle to me.
I tried: Tribulus, ZMA, ariginine, taurine, ginseng, viagra, also the new 8 weeks cycle (test + proviron + winstrol + good pct). No long term effects. I only managed to increase my libido for the short period, and after that it slumped.


Is this common with this drug?


And what makes you think that after 6 years it was the deca that did this and nothing else?

maybe you would have had this issue even if you never ran the cycle..
With all hormone levels 'ok' (i will assume this is the case based on your word) - it is not likely to be the deca causing the issue.



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Dr's will tell you everything is normal. I have seen it myself even though my levels were off.


Here are my last ranges:

  • ESTRADIOL: <73,4 ===== min 0 max 206 pmol/l
  • FSH 0,96 ==== min 0,7 max 11,1 mlU/ml
  • Progesterone 1,07 ==== min 0,86 max 2,9 nmol/l
  • DHEA SO4: 405 ==== min 80 max 560 ug/dl
  • LH: 3,4 === min 0,8 max 7,6
  • Testosterone: 24,2 ==== min 9 max 38,0 nmol/l
  • Cortisol: 213 ==== min. 138, max 690 nmol/l
  • Glucose: 4,7 ==== min 3,4 max 5,6 mmol/l
  • Prolactine: 6,7 ==== man: min 1 max 20 ng/ml
  • TSH: 1,71 ==== min 0,3 max 5,0 microlU/ml
  • Glucose: 4,4 ==== min 3,4 max 5,6 mmol/l
  • cholesterol: 4,6 ==== min 3,9 max 5,2 mmol/l
  • blood pressure: 130/80

Please look at the FSH level. What do you think about it??


I don't know about your particular estradiol result range vs others (if they are standardized or not), but KSman always says E2 is optimized at 23pmol/L. A slight difference can make a huge libido difference. In your case that is a big difference. Even 30-40 pmol/L range can be the difference between feeling good and feeling like crap. Also, do you have free testosterone result? Total T is is not nearly as meaningful.