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Permanent Crash of e2 Please Help?

Wow u guy were right so for the last year I’ve been fucking myself up bad with huge amounts of armidex I was crashed for like 15 weeks on .5 mg of adex Ed!

I thought my e2 was the problem it was infrequent injections now I’m on 35 mg of test prop Ed and my e2 has been crashed for 11 weeks I’ve been on no ai for 11 weeks and my e2 is still stuck at 12!

My brain feels dead no dopamine my appetite is dead I feel dead! My joint ache so bad it hurts to squat my hip get stuck and I feel it’s gonna break if I continue my body itches my dick is a noodle!

Someone recommended hcg but I don’t wanna stay on it that forever I’d rather raise my dose

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