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Perlenbacher's 24-Month Road to Lympstone

12 months greyskull linear progression
12 months 5/3/1

God damn first day at the gym my bike tyre is fucked. 5 miles each way to walk to and back from the gym. I guess it isnt too bad, bit of conditioning.

I have decided on starting weights, I will be starting on 40kg for bench and squat, 30kg for press and 60kg on deadlift, I might as well start extra light and focus on form, it will be getting heavy soon enough.

upper body lifts will increase by 2.5kg per session, lower body lifts by 5kg.

Accessory work will be whatever I feel like doing, mostly upper back work, some arm and shoulder stuff on days I feel like it.

I will be doing the limber 11, blackburns, , shoulder dislocates for prehab and rehab.

First workout today

Bench press

AMRAP 20x40kg


AMRAP 10x40kg

dumbbell row


dumbbell curls


didnt do any more curls, thought id leave it on first workout, see how I feel.

Shocked my legs are so sore, feels hard to walk, such ight weight too, stopped at ten as I didn’t want my squat to turn to shit while I am still getting used to it.

Fuck me my lower back is sore, I think I am having to hyperextend my back to get ATG. I may consider going low bar and to parallel.

You still here?