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Perky Biceps Genetic?


You know the guys with huge arms and their bicep looks like an egg on top of their arm(either that or they have short arms period). It looks to me like their bicep starts further up the arm than others but I could be mistaken. Also if you have pictures you can post them because I think it looks kind of cool.


thats usually a higher insertion point (genetics) but also if your brachialis is developed, it will sorta "push" the biceps higher, and then when you flex, it wedges between the brachialis and deltoid and has nowhere to go but bulge upwards.

mostly genetics though


most insane bicep i've seen, from one of the article on this site... i was literally in awe of it. super peaked, and so cut that the skin is like saran wrap


That guy has a monster arm! I bet those genetics adds a serious amount of inches to arm measurements.