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Periworkout Supplement

I’m looking to start using a supplement that I will take before/during training. I am kinda tight on cash so I only want to pay for one. After reading some stuff on here that doesn’t sound like the best option for muscle building as many take multiple things such as Anaconda, MAG-10, and others.

For this periworkout supplement I know I need protein, I also know I need a lot of carbs. Anything else that should be in it to make it most beneficial? Also if you guys could reccomend just one supplement to be taken before and during a workout what would it be? Thanks for the help

I would go with just Anaconda, it has everything you will require for a workout. If you can afford to add anything else, go with MAG-10, but Anaconda will be sufficient enough.

Thanks for the input. I’ll def look into Anaconda. I was kinda deciding between that and Surge. What is important to me is getting the most of an anabolic state in my muscles. I guess what I want is something geared more towards building muscle rather than giving me energy for the workout if that helps at all.

If you are only buying ONE thing i would get Metabolic Drive. take before, after, etc… if you mean one thing other than protien powder, surge works pretty well. i’m using Anaconda, and while it tastes better i wouldn’t say its that much better than Surge.

Only one supplement? In total? Or just as a pre workout?

Some people are too quick to recommend Anaconda. it’s a premium supplement with a premium price tag. IMO if you are asking, you are not ready for it and will do just as well on Surge Recover or whey + dex. If you are on a tight budget forget it.

I train fasted these days with preworkout stimulant optional. Whey + carbs (Surge Recovery) 15-20 mins postworkout. Don’t overcomplicate things IMO.

Sorry I didn’t go into detail. I am already taking one supplement, I can only afford one more. The one I am taking now is Serious Mass by optimum nutrition. Basically a protein powder with creatine and a lot of calories to help with my bulk. Problem is that its pretty filling and I def don’t want to have that before an intense workout as it makes my stomach sick. I just have a shake afterwards with it. I’m looking for something to have before and during my workout to get the most out of it and spur some extra growth. Thanks

It sounds like you’re on a pretty tight budget. I think it’s pretty obvious that Anaconda is going to be the #1 choice for a periWO product. The new formula also contains some high quality carbs in it, so there’s no reason to add any Surge Workout Fuel or cheaper carb powders. It’s a lot more easy to digest now, also. But if you’re strapped for cash, Surge Recovery is still a good product. The hydrolyzed whey in it is going to be a much better quality source of protein than any other on the market. And it tastes GUUD! But, if you have the money for Anaconda, it’s a far better product.