Periworkout Nutrition and Protein Refractory Period

Hi coach,

I’ve read some research suggesting that MPS can only be stimulated every three hours, which leaves me curious as to whether I’ve been following the optimal periworkout nutritional protocol. I train 60 minutes after my second meal of the day. Here’s what I do:

60 minutes pre-workout:
50 g carbs, 40 g protein, 6 g fat (6 oz tuna, 8 oz sweet potato, .3 oz walnuts)

Immediately before 1st set:
10 g BCAAs, 25 g carbs (cyclic dextrin)

I train for 90 minutes, then eat a postworkout meal of whey and cream of rice (40 g protein/70 g carbs). This puts my postworkout meal 2.5 hours after my preworkout meal. Would it be better to wait another 30 minutes so protein synthesis can “reset”?