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PeriWO Nutrition for Sprints While Cutting


currently cutting using carb cycling, current stats are 5"10 176lbs @ 6%.

doing some explosive sprint work as a supplemental workout and was jsut wondering what sort of macronutrient approach i should take in order to prevent catabolism while not sabotaging my cut.

advice from anyone in the know would be much appreciated.


looking at a minimalist approach atm, a scoop of whey and scoop of dextrose sipped throughout? possibly bcaas throughout and whey and dextrose post?


Gatorade and creatine. Creatine is great for explosive training that is in short duration. Whey would not be a bad idea as well. I would just do 25g whey post training and Gatorade w/ creatine during.

Edit: Not to worry about the carbs (glucose) in gatorade you will used them quite quickly with sprints.