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Periodizing Weights for MMA


I've been using a 3 day split using the 5x5 principle for every excercise as follows:

Power clean & Press- (not sure if I should use 5x5 here or a different rep/set scheme)
Over head squats
Bench Press
Bent over rows - to waist

Abs + cardio - 15-20 minutes running

Conventional squats
Chin up
Bent over rows to upper chest


Military Press
Upright Rows
Good Mornings

I've been usin this program for the last 5 weeks and think it's time for a change.
I want to get stronger in each lift, has anyone got any ideas on how what I should do??
I was thinking of maybe keeping the excericses and the order the same but doing 8x3 for each excercise instead.
Would 4 excerises a day be too much on the body using this style?? Should I use a 4 day split instead and only do 3 excercises a day using 8x3??
Is it ok to do 8x3 on all excersis?? I know in the Waterbury Method chad only uses 8x3 on one mail lift while the others are 6x4?

Also I know someone had written a book regarding weight lifting for athletes/fighters can anyone remember who it was written by???





Are you only training MMA 1 day a week?

How was your progress on the lifts over the past 5 weeks?

My reccomendation to get stronger on the lifts...

Day 1::
Power Clean & Press (8*3)
OH Squats (5*3)
Bench Press (8*3)-Bent Row (to waist) (5*3)

[superset if possible otherwise do 8 sets rather than 5 on the one your weakest one]

Day 2::

[superset if possible otherwise do 8 sets rather than 5 on the one your weakest one]

Snatch Pulls (w/ straps)(5*3)

Day 3::
Military Press(8*3)
Bent Over Rows(5*3)
Good Mornings (5*3)

On your off days or after MMA training, do the following:

10 Squat-thrusts w/ pushup (or sprawls)
10 pullups

Repeat for up to 10 sets (10 complete sets with minimal fatigue (almost like just a warmup) would be your goal), take breaks as you feel you need to (no more than 1min rest) another goal would be to do it w/o resting. Don't push yourself super hard on this, its more for gpp than anything else.

For a stronger power clean, front squat more, power clean from blocks, and snatch pull more. If you can front squat it for a triple, you can clean it.


Hi Xen Nova,

Thanks for the reply.

I'm only training mma one day a week, but also doing bag work at aswell one day a week.

I found it difficult to complete all of the excercises in my original routine, and on the last excercise I sometimes only managed 2 sets. But in most of the other excercises I have managed to increase the weight I have been using upto 10 pounds.
The problem is I have only recently taken up the mma training and also I didn't used to do much cardio until a few weeks ago which might be a reason why I'm having problems finding the energy to complete my workouts, maybe my body needs more time to get used to all the activity??
Thats one of the reasons I'm considering a 4 day weight lifting split with 3 excerises rather than 4, but maybe thats not such a good idea??