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Periodizing a Body-Weight Program?

Does anyone have advice or links to where i can find out about developing a periodized body-weight (lunges, body squats, push/pull ups etc.) strength training program? I learned alot about program design from info on this site but the more i hit the gym the more i realize i need to take a few steps back and work on the basics.

However, when lacking a load parameter how can one design an effective program. Or rather, is linear type periodization the only way to go about body weight training (for instance, if i do 3 sets of 20 push ups for a 3 day workout then on the following week do, say, 3 sets of 25 etc.)Thanks for any advice.

Hi cskolnick,

One thing I might suggest is to use different (as in more difficult/less difficult) variations of the exercises.

What I mean is to choose a variation of the exercises that allows you to perform the prescribed number of reps per set. This should translate to approximately the right load.

Then you can either use a repetition, set, or rest period progression.

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Hi there,

I think i have sth.for you:

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Periodizing a body-weight routine is tough. When I must do body weight routines due to time or because I dont have access to the gym (Im in college), I try and focus around rest intervals.

Its really hard to fool with loading paramaters of bodyweight routines. Because of this, I will play with density. Manipulate rest periods. In conjunction with that, try and manipulate the amount of reps you can get in a certain amount of time. This is somewhat an EDT principal…

Do more work in a shorter period of time…


Thanks for info everyone. I will check out the link and just experiment and see what happens. I have been thinking about doing one day of 3 sets to near max, then take total and do it in 5 sets for the next session. rest a day then go back to the 3 sets near max and so forth. Maybe this kind of load/unload will work better then straight up linear progression. Thanks again.