Periodized Bodybuilding

2 weeks to go and I’ll finish the periodized bodybuilding program

in the unit with RDL there always follows a slightly more difficult attempt classic deadlift

Since I have a deadlift competition at the end of the circle, just for fun

in the video 235kg with 80kg bw

Aim 255-260 third attempt

The program is a lot of fun, especially since I’m also a volume junky and lifting for the competition can be easily integrated if not too heavy

I gained 3,5-4kg bw with not mutch fatgain and strength go’s up :slight_smile:

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Today and the end of the cycle the deadliftcompetition :slight_smile:
260kg with 81kg bw

Very solid effort, almost easy.

Not bad for a plan not even specifically designed to peak strength

Thank you very much @Christian_Thibaudeau
it didn’t feel easy :sweat_smile: :innocent:
I think you know what i mean

I added a heavier attempt to each of the last two pull units

to become the feeling for the heavy weight

But the competition was just for fun and since the last few weeks are a bit harder anyway, it suited me quite well

i love the plan and am already looking forward to the next round after 3 weeks of easier training

Greetings from Austria

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And now i am in the second run of “periodized bodybuilding” Week 11
Same exercises and good weight progress

Now a little bit exhausted , but its only one more hard week , then the cycle is ready :slight_smile:

And a Video from yesterday Stiffleg deadlift

That’s impressive, you definitely look bigger than last time you posted.

Congratz on the hard work you’re doing, it’s inspiring!

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Thank you, I’m glad you see that! :slightly_smiling_face:

Compared to the previous circle there is a difference of 3kg without too much fat gain

With a 2 week minicut between the two circles

National Championship with the start of my son

16years old 91kg bw
Squat (deep) 175kg
Bench 90kg
Deadlift 220kg

Prep with the 915 programm

The second circle of 12 weeks is over

Now I had 3 weeks minicut, deload will follow

Picture without carbohydrates and pump from the last mini cut day