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How long do you t-men/women plan your training in advance? I never thought I planned that far ahead (6-12 weeks usually), but something like two days after Ian King’s mass building workout was published, I hear guys (on the forum) talking about how they slept in and missed work (which was eluded too in the article)! I don’t want to sound “holier than thou” or anything else, but do you guys just drop whatever program you’re doing and start a new program?

Uh, I think it was a joke, Kent…

i plan a periodized cycle about 12 weeks long
at the end of it i like to experiment a little. Get away from such a structured training. Its a nice change. But yeah i know what you mean. some guys read something and always manage to start that program the very next day.

It is often tempting, given our weekly episodes of T-mag providing exciting new concepts and/or programs combined with a very knowledgable and innovative cast of Forumites to switch on to a new program. I have had moments of weakness where I have postulated termination of one program in favor of something novel (See my HST post where I flipped out). Hence, it is imperative that you have specific goals in mind when planning to embark upon one program. Another confound occurs when following the protocols of one S&C Coach and then having to reform the mindset to another set of principles. For example, I am corrently using the King Principles for both upper and lower body and abs. Following this 12 week program, I may choose one of Pavel’s methods or perhaps Staley, I am not yet sure. Either way, when on a particular program it is important to devote yourself fully. Remember, T-mag archives every article and I have a tendency to print out and store them for later consideration. Take care. Lata.

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