I was curious if any of you, the guys at T-mag as well, could lead me in the right direction to find a good periodization for mass building. I read Dave Tate’s articles and they sounded good, but from a powerlifting point of view. I have been periodizing rep ranges of 8-12 for about 6-8 weeks and rep ranges of 5 for about 4-6 weeks. Help me please.

T.C. wrote an article called “The simpletons guide to the poliquin principles” and Chris Shugart wrote an article called “The Ian King Cheat Sheets”…both of these articles cover periodization for mass building quite a bit. If that’s not enough for you pick up a copy of Tudor Bompas “Serious Strength Training”

Great book on periodization. called 4th edition Perodization Theroy and Methodlogy by Bompa.