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Periodization with OCTS

Coach, you are full of so much knowledge that sometimes it’s hard to apply it (I feel overwhelmed). In regards to periodization, if I were using the strategy outlined in THE UNDULATING PERIODIZATION STRENGTH AND SIZE PROGRAM article on thibarmy for my concentric days, what methods would best correspond to the eccentric and isometric days?


Accumulation 1 concentric day = 10/8/6 and 8/6/4 waves. What about the eccentric and isometric days?

I hope this makes sense. Your article makes perfect sense, I am just asking about applying the Omni-contraction system to it. Thank you very much for the time.

Bummed there haven’t been any responses to this yet.

What’s your planned weekly split? Are you gonna do the bodypart split outlined in that program (then hitting each contraction type in each workout), or 3 whole body workouts like in Jacked Athlete (with a whole day dedicated to each contraction type)?

I’m trying to follow along with the OCTS online course, using undulating periodization, but I’m having a tough time planning the eccentric and isometric days.


If I was using concentric only methods and an upper/lower split, I could do something along the lines of:

Accumulation 1: 5 x 8,8,8,6,6 (80%)

Intensification 1: 6 x 4 (88%)

Accumulation 2: 6 x 6 (83%)

Intensification 2: 3,3,3,2,2,2 (92.5%)

This makes sense to me because this is how I was originally taught. I’m trying to learn coach’s way. I don’t really understand how to factor in the eccentric and the isometric days.

Coach does not seem to prefer using percentages the majority of the time. I understand his RPE system and since switching to it personally, I find it much more advantageous. I’m just coming from a place of using percentages for years and am trying to unlearn it and understand how to periodize using OCTS.

Example: if I did 3 full body sessions a week and then a gap workout for a 4 session.

Simple loading numbers:

Accumulation 1: 10 reps

Intensification 1: 6 reps

Accumulation 2: 8 reps

Intensification 2: 4 reps

Accumulation 1: do I just use 10 reps across the board?

Eccentric day = 10 reps

Week one = 4010

Week two = 6010

Week three = 8010

Isometric day = 10 reps

Week one = 10s mid range pause + 10 reps

Week two = 12s mid range pause + 10 reps

Week three = 15s mid range pause + 10 reps

Concentric day = straight sets of 10

Gap workout = hypertrophy work in 8-12 rep range

If this is correct, what do I do if I start using different loading schemes. Would I use wave loading on the eccentric, isometric, and concentric days and just match up the appropriate method of contraction?

It’s tough trying to unlearn something while learning something new.

I know you’re looking for a response from CT, but do you mind if I chime in and share my ideas?

I’m all ears!

Personally, I’d stick with the layout he laid out in his undulating program if it resonated with you. I’d do his recommended split with each of the 5 days consisting of 3 supersets, I’d do the first one concentric focused, second eccentric, and third isometric.

For concentric, follow his progression to the tee.

For eccentric, I believe your rep ranges are too high. You’re going to have a lot of time under tension even if you stick to 3-6 reps. Over the 4 phases I’d do something like:

ACC 1: 4x6
wk1-2: 8 sec; wk3-4: 6 sec

INT 1: 5x4
wk1-2: 6 sec; wk3-4: 4 sec

ACC 2: 4x5
wk1-2: 7 sec; wk3-4: 5 sec

INT 2: 6x3
wk1-2: 5 sec; wk3-4: 3 sec

For isometric, I’d probably use same sets/reps, and adjust the durations similarly. Personally I prefer to do an iso hold on each rep, but your approach is just as effective.

So an example phase 1 chest/bis day could be:

A1. Bench press: 10/8/6/10/8/6
A2: Close-grip chinup: 10/8/6/10/8/6

B1. Incline press: 4x6 8010
B2: BB curl: 4x6 8010

C1: HS press: 4x6 (5 sec iso hold mid-eccentric)
C2: Incline DB curl: 4x6 (5 sec iso hold at peak)

Makes perfect sense—thanks!

What if doing full body though?

Match the isometric rep ranges with the eccentric?

Full body, probably best to do full workout dedicated to each contraction type. I was just suggesting an alternative if you like the split outlined in his undulating article.

But yeah, I think iso ranges matching eccentric is a good call. That’s what CT does in his jacked athlete program.