Periodization Questions.

After reading the periodization article a few weeks back, I’m considering using periodization in my workouts, but I’ve got some questions. 1. For how long should I periodize each body part? I was thinking of doing 4 weeks on arms and shoulders, using EDT, using Androsol for the last 2 weeks, then switching to Chest and Back for 4 weeks, then switching to legs. 2. Should i seperate chest and back or should I combine them? 3. Should I take a week off after every 4 week microcycle(or is it meso?)4. Should I periodize each body part for 12 weeks for maximum gains, or just the parts that I feel need some improvement? Which would get me better gains, 12 weeks of average ‘medium’ lifting, or 4 weeks of ‘heavy’ lifting for a body part, and the other 8 weeks of ‘light’ lifting? If anyone can point me in the direction of any books/sites I’ll be grateful. I’ve checked the archives but there’s a few things I need clearing up. And, any anecdotal evidence of the effect of periodisation is welcome.

One more thing, check out ~gt1951a/iron.html Someone posted the link in the off-topic forum but if anyone missed it then I’ll post it here for their benefit. Thanks in advance.

Buy Ian King’s ‘How to Write Strength Training Programs’. The information found in it is the best I’ve seen for anyone interested in designing their own periodized programs.