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Periodization Question


Long time reader, first time poster.

Just an FYI
My Stats:
15.6% Bodyfat (as of August 7th)

I’m currently working through Poliquin’s Advanced GVT for the prescribed 60 days. My ultimate goals are to get down below 10% BF (which is where my diet comes in) while maintaining relatively the same size or bigger.

My question is in reference to what type of program have people switched to after completing Advanced GVT.

I am really interested in going through Thib’s OVT but was thinking it might be too much VT for too long. Poliquin mentions using something like the 1-6 principle after AGVT since there is a strength and hypertrophy aspect to that program.


If it were me following the program, I’d progress to the program the author recommended.