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Periodization Puzzle


37 yo
11.5% bf
21" vert?
ATG Squat = 206

Goals: get lean, strong, buff and jump more.

My volleyball off season is going to be 20 weeks.

what do you guys think about:
week 1-4 = recovery
week 5-10 = German Volume training (like in the book)
week 11-16 = West side for Skinny bastards 3
week 12-20 = 5X5


what are you planning to do for your 4 weeks of recovery? Just light stuff, AA, fly by the seat of the pants, take it off? Also are you including a deload week between each of your phases? How exactely are you planing to overlap WS4SB and 5x5 for 5 weeks?

Also, just my oppinion but I'd only worry about getting stronger, get that squat up eat lots of protein and the rest will come


recovery will depend on what my therapist tell is the main issue.

Pistols, slides, face pulls, push up plus, renegade rows are some of the exercises that come to my mind.

The first week of 5X% would be a deloading week as would be the first week of every new phase.


What is your purpose in mix and matching programs like that?


Goals: get lean, strong, buff and JUMP more.


pick one and focus on that. Riding too many horses with one ass will get you no where.