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Periodization of My Training


Hi, I practice judo and i've been doing WS4SB III for like 3 weeks, making some progress. (My foal is hypertrophy)

But the thing is that i would like to periodizate my training, in order to ger better gains.

So the thing is that i have about 6 month to get in my best shape to an international championship.

So the periodization thing should follow these programs:

Hypertrophy (and some strength): WS4SB III (i'm doing the ME exercises with 6-7 warm up sets, for instance: 60x10, 80x8, 100x5, 120x5, 130x3, 140x2, 150x1. And the suplemental exercises with 10 rep sets, eg. 3x10; 4x10)

Strength (and some size): Some kind of 5x5 template? Pheraphs Madcow?

Power: No idea which program should i use.

Fat cutting (to get in my weight class): Also no idea, i was thinking in the Vince del Monte Fat cutting program, since it has some strength exercises and some BB exercises too. In order to maintain strength and muscle?

Please notice that these programs are not what i AM going to do. I write them here in order you guys help me to choose the right ones. (anyway i'm keepeng the WS4SB tamplate for hypertrphy)

Thanks for your help.


so anyone knows somethig about training programs?


I don't think anyone believes they can improve on WSB4SB...

Myself included.

The program includes strength, hypertrophy and speed training. It's a conjugate system of training and will give you what you want - as will any other proven system of training - if you stick with it for longer than 3 weeks.


Ok so i'm gonna stick to the WS4SB template in order to get Faster, stronger, and bigger. Should i keep on that template when it comes to fat loss? My goal is to keep going until i reach 175lbs and then cut the fat and reach 167lbs, so i can get rid of the exess of the weight by cutting water.