Periodization/Martial Arts

Hey Guys,
Back at the board again for some more help. I’m probably about 20% Body Fat right now. I’m starting a 4-week Hypertrophy Program on Monday, I am thinking about making a strength program for the second part, and I want to do the version of Meltdown training for a 3rd microcycle. I’m doing Martial Arts 4x/week for 3 1/2 hours, so no cardio needed. My first ? is: Do I need to take a “Surge-Like” postworkout meal after my martial arts session, or just eat another meal as planned throughout the day? My 2nd is: When going to the strength training cycle, are caloric requirements as high for strength training? and my 3rd is: I was planning on following the “Don’t Diet” diet so that I may shed some fat and increase my lean mass/bodyfat ratio… How has this worked for you guys?