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Periodization Help


Just started a new 4 day split, a bit confused with how to periodize it. I have already done 3 weeks of 3x10, im now in first week of doing 3x8, i was planning on doing 4x6 then 5x5 then 6x4, then 8x3. then testing new 1rm.

Is this right or do you have to decrease the total amount of reps instead of just the reps in a set?

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Who cares, Do 5/3/1.


Although I am doing 5/3/1 right now, you are right about decreasing the total reps. Periodization is about balancing out the intensity and volume. Try using Prilepin's chart for your reps.


That method of periodization will work if you want REALLY slow strength gains.

Im assuming you are sorta new based on the question. What is working pretty well for me, is to hit your main lifts for multiple singles at >90% 1rm. So if you can bench 200, do singles with 180+. Theres a few ways to do it.

Start week 1 with something like 8 singles. Then each week drop it by 2, and on the 4th week deload and do something like 3x1. Then go for a new max.

You could also add weight as you lower the reps, but it isn't necessary if you are doing shorter cycles like me.

Treat each lift like a max, and really focus on getting your form down.

Do this and then just hit your accessory work with higher reps around 8-12.

Hope this helps. Check out some of Eric Cressey's articles thats where I got it from.


from the context of your post it appears that you are attempting to follow a linear periodization scheme. Your problem lies within your volume. In the beggining phases the volume is highest and intensity lowest, at which point they each progress in an inversely proprtioanl manner so the volume is lowest when intensity is highest. By looking at your volume you 3x8 which is equal to 30 reps. than 4x6=24. those two weeks are are fine, but the next week you increase the volum while simultaneously increasing intensity...5x5=25 reps, than you drop to 24 reps, and finally another 24 reps. where is the progression?


What are your maxes and body weight?

If you're not strong enough, you have no business periodizing.


actually it stays about the same throughout. 8x3=24.

If you're pretty new, any kind of progression over time will yield results, in that sense going from 8x3 (or 12x2) to 3x8 with the same weight works pretty well for me.



In general your number of sets will remain about the same throughout your whole cycle. Check the article above out for the simplest of cycles, works for any lift.


exactly, the volume is constant when it must decrease


Religiously deload every 4th week ( as with Wendler) and you can pretty much pound yourself into the ground the other three:



I think you need to get clean during your intial cycles and then start loading with what ever you are going to use during your heavier cycles -

straight linear periodisation was not found to work by the soviets without drugs, the intial light high reps were more taxing than they appear as the athlete was supposed to be cleaning out during this time - the guy who heavily promoted this system kind of thought people would just work this part out for themselves-

read up on block periodisation, it is part of the old soviet congruate system, works without drugs, but is not straight line -