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Periodization For Supplemental Lifts?


Do you think it's wise to set up a periodization plan on all supplemental movements (triceps, hams, shoulders etc..) ?


week 1: 5x6
week 2: 6x5
week 3: 7x4
week 4: 8x3

and higher volume on isolation movements.. ?

Or I should do it more movements\workout type specific ?

My goal is neural efficiency but I also need UPPER BODY muscle mass gains.

What do you think ?

How do you guys work your supplemental lifts ?


This is something I have been thinking about as well. I am sure it would be fine, but how to set it up... I don't know. Ive never been very good at periodization. I always just try to lift heavier or more each time I go to the gym.


On auxilary excersises I like to use a weight related cycle or rep related cycle. Pick a rep scheme and try to increase the weight every week until you fail. Or pick a weight and try to increase the reps. Once you can no longer improve pick a new excersise. I don't think you need any fancy periodization routine for things like bicep curls or bent over rows.


Someone gave me this basic plan for supplemental lifts involving larger muscle groups, eg lat pulldowns or shoulder press etc.

Week 1 - High reps, eg 12 - 15
Week 2 - 5 x 5
Week 3 - High reps again
Week 4 - 2 or 3 sets of triples

Pretty simple, but so much better than just doing 3 sets of 8 for all supplemental lifts like most people do.


I do about 75% of the weight I used for my main exercise on the supplemental lifts for a few more reps then my max effort exercise. I usually go by how I feel instead of a set scheme for those but generally try do at least 3 to 5 sets. Now on accessory exercises I will do anything from sets of 10 to 20 to help pump blood into the area and build up my endurance and size. I think you should exeperiment w/ yourself and see where your lifts go.



I think your thinking way too much. Just hit it hard and break PRs


Always. Just adjusting to new ideas along the way.


For supplemental and accessory work you just really have to listen to your body. If your body feels good i would do lots of volume. If you are struggling through your max effort exercise you might not do any assistance work. I've found that's really the best way.


What type of overall scheme do you lift in? Do you use a Westside-esque plan, training for sport, etc? This will heavily influence how to train lifts outside of your main lifts.



Training for a sport. ME\DE\RE ....

maybe ill train the supp lifts with linear periodization like hypertrophy on week 1 strength week 2 power week 3....

I dunno.


Which sport do you play? How the assistance lifts are periodized should follow the rest of the plan. For instance, if you're doing a phase geared towards explosiveness right now, your assistance lifts would be lower in volume and moderate in intensity, if that fit your recovery abilities (just one possibility of hundreds).

If you want to just keep it simple, do the assistance work that you need in appx. the same scheme of your main lifts.



**Should add that some lifts, like weighted crunches or back extensions, should usually be kept above 5 reps regardless.




  1. Here is the force loop (tnx jtrin)
    Hypertrophy --> MaxStrength --> MaxForce --> MaxPower --> MaxRate
    are you working on all these qualities in WSB ? if not, how do I modify WSB (the DE\Assistance work) properly to work on the force loop.

should i set blocks for strength hypertrophy and power ?
which exercises would I use for each block ?

BTW it's for basketball, big upper body and super powerful legs is the goal.

Plus I have 2 games a week, 2 pracs a week and 2 dunk session a week. so I dont need plyometrics.


Eh, I wish I could take credit for that, but I pretty much stole that from Jumanji... or DB... or CT... or Siff...

In Westside, you should be doing some work for all of these qualities. For instance.

Hypetrophy- Assistance lifts and RE
MaxS- ME Lifts
MaxF- The last set or two before your PR attempt. DE work also can contribute here if the weight is a little higher.
MaxP- DE lifts.
MaxR- Extra sprint workouts

It all depends on what qualities you emphasize in a block. Traditional Westside approaches generally emphasize MaxS and MaxF because that is more important for powerlifters. WS4SB follows this line of thinking because the athletes it was originally targeted for (football players) have a very high MaxS demand. Also, most athletes are generally improved by increasing strength.

Right now if you are in-season you probably only need to be lifting twice a week. This is the schedule DeFranco laid out for in-season football players with games on Friday.

Friday- Game
Saturday- Total body "bodybuidling" style workout. Rep ranges in the 8-12 range and stopping short of failure.
Monday- Total body ME lifting.
Wednesday- Total body DE lifting.

For you I would take out the DE because you get more than enough dynamic work at basketball practice. Try to have two rest days if possible between your ME day and your games. The "bodybuilding" day can be between games or whatever, just don't kill yourself on that day.


Yo trin good to hear from you man.

Where did you see that kind of template by DeFranco? I thought he uses 2 upper body days and 1 ME LOWER BODY day.

What is total body ME ?
And whats DE toal body ?

Here is my schedule:

Add walks every morninig.
Add fundamentals work every day at the park.

Seems alot, but its my life-I get money for it- I get all I need. I dont have any other obligations. I'm all in to it.
But the defranco template does seem easier... you sure sure it's possible to BUILD strength with it like im doing now ? (in season!!) i'm a big strength development in season fan... :slightly_smiling:

Cool so let's settle for WSB till i get that higher vert (head at rim)

Now... Check out this file: it's what i wanna do for the supp lifts in case I continue using the original tepmlate and not DeFranco's. Your thoughts?



That is what DeFranco said for IN-SEASON athletes. For out of season it is more like the WS4SB like you talked about.

It all depends on the volume and intensity you can handle. It is tough to say for sure without knowing how the practices and games affect you- only you know that!

It is definitly possible to build strength during the season using just two lifting days, one for repetition and one for total body. Here's a sample total body ME day:

1.) Trap-Bar Deadlift
Work up to a circa-3RM*
2.) Bulgarian Split Squats
3 x 8 each leg
3.) Close-Grip Bench Press
Work up to a circa-3RM*
4.) Dumbell Bench Press
3 x 8 each arm

What I mean by circa-3RM is that in-season you do not always have to go for a new PR. As long as you are over 90% you are going to improving your strength, especially if you are still in the intermediate stage as far as lifting experience. I like 4-week blocks like this.

Week 1- New 3RM PR attempt
Week 2- Work up to 3 reps at 90%
Week 3- Work up to 3 reps at 95%
Week 4- Work up to 3 reps at 85% and half the volume of the assistance lifts.

I think you will be surprised how you can continue to increase strength while not beating your body down in season. Remember that lifting is general means which are always subservient (at least in-season) to the specific sporting skills.